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Sunday Discussion: Making It In America

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As you know, the news has been filled with thousands of kids and adults illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the United States.  Some people are wanting the National Guard to be dispatched to the border and all people who reach the border immediately turned around.  But these people are not coming to America because they want to make more money, they are coming to America to escape violence.

In this film from the Vimeo channel , the film follows the life of Alma Velasco, who had the dream of completing a degree in El Salvador, until a war broke out.  When Alma was 16, she crossed the border into America illegally.  Today, Alma is a mother of two girls, and works at American Apparel and is in the United States legally.  Alma is wanting to provide a great life to her two girls, and that is why she crossed the border.  Because of the fighting going on in Central America, people are crossing the border because they have given up hope or their lives are being threatened.  So, when people say “send them all back,” think about the kids who could be killed if they stayed in Central America.  Simply, something must be done to end the violence in Central America so people will quit fleeing towards America.

So, watch the film below, and think about if you were in Alma’s shoes?  Would you take a dangerous trek towards America?  I would!

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