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Watch Last Week Tonight Take Down The Practice Of Televangelists

This was perfect!  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver slams the televangelists who runs questionable church practices and lives off of the millions of dollars sent to them by everyday people.  Then, […]

Last Week Tonight Shows The Real Sex Education Most Schools Don’t Teach

Think about this, how much in sex education were you taught while in school?  For me, I was in school in Alabama and I don’t recall learning about anything about sexual education. […]

Last Week Tonight Talks About Why Washington DC Should Be A State

Ah America, where it’s territories gets the shaft.  And than includes Washington DC, which has hardly any power in the US Congress.  And could not even vote for president until the constitution […]

Watch John Oliver Talk About The Problems Of Mandatory Minimums

Hey Alabama, this message is for you!  Especially when it comes to the major prison overcrowding problem!  John Oliver talked about the problems of mandatory minimums, or minimum sentences that must be […]

Watch John Oliver Talk About Why America Throws Away A Lot Of Food

Man, Last Week Tonight has been great to watch, and the last episode has John Oliver talking about why we throw away a lot of perfectly eatable food.  In some cases, we […]

Watch Last Week Tonight Talk About Online Harassment

Warning, this video is certainly NSFW, but when you have a chance you need to watch this!  The HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks about the problems on the […]

Watch Last Week Tonight Talk About Bail And Torture

The HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been on a glorious roll!  The last two weeks have featured lengthy discussions on the American bail system and torture after the […]

Last Week Tonight Slams The Fat Cat Chicken Producers

Most of the pieces from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver have made fun of Alabama in some way.  Well, this video below does not make fun of Alabama, unless you are […]

Watch John Oliver Talk About Patents And The End Of The World

This week on the HBO show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, they talk about two things that the geeks and nerds should care about.  The first video is about patents, and […]

John Oliver Talks About Government Surveillance And Interviews Edward Snowden

Last Week Tonight was off last week, and now we know why!  John Oliver flew to Moscow, Russia to interview Edward Snowden, the person who whistle-blew over the NSA spying on us. […]

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