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Music Thursdays: Tim Turner / Faded Paper Figures

Geek Alabama Music Thursdays

This week on Music Thursdays, I am talking about two more great musicians you need to know!  These two musicians followed me along on my @geekalabama Twitter account, so I checked them out!

Tim Turner


This musician is based out of Los Angeles.  And he has a really good voice, with some good soul and guitar music mixed in.  For example, here is one of his original songs called “Killer.”  You can tell he can really play the guitar good!

Tim Turner also has some other good original songs on his ReverbNation account.  I also liked his song called “Flame.”  Since I can not embed songs from ReverbNation, to listen to more of his songs, go to:

Tim also posts videos on YouTube.  For example, here he is singing “True Colors.”

And here is his acoustic version of the Justin Timberlake song “Cry Me A River.”

So far, I like the music from Tim Turner, and you should too!  I hope he can grow to become a major music talent!  Learn more about Tim Turner at: and on Twitter @TimTurnerMusic

Faded Paper Figures


This band consists of Heather Alden who is in residency after graduating from medical school, R. John Williams who is a full-time professor of English at Yale, and Kael Alden who writes music for a production company in Los Angeles called Robot Repair.  The band formed in 2007 by starting to write music.  They wrote a few songs and put them on the internet, and the response was great!  Their first album called Dynamo was put out in 2008, and had great exposure!  The band has put out two more albums called New Medium and The Matter.  And here is the crazy part, the three band members live thousands of miles apart!

Thanks to the internet, the three can work on their music at anytime.  And the band is doing so well, their music has been played on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Real World.  Here is one of their latest music videos called “Breathing.”  Not only the music video has good music, the visuals in the video are spectacular!

Now, the band has released their fourth album called Relics.   This most recent album promises to be their most honest, sophisticated, and ambitious, spanning a vast musical and lyrical spectrum, from epic synth-pop anthems on questions of life and death, to quiet, intense meditations on the passage of time.  And I liked how the band is releasing their album on old school vinyl records!

For those of you who are broke (like me), the band uploaded all 12 tracks to the Relics album.  Enjoy 49 minutes worth of great music below!

Okay let’s feature two more songs!  The first song called “Small Talk” has some great geeky sounds to it!  The second song called “North by North” also has some good sounds, enjoy!

Learn more about Faded Paper Figures at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @fpfmusic.

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