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Learn More And Purchase The SYNEK Countertop Beer Dispenser


Beer, it’s becoming a big thing in Alabama, and across the country as well!  Thankfully Alabama has allowed bigger alcohol limits and bigger beer sizes, which means you have seen a great amount of new brewpubs pop up across the state!  But, sometimes we would like to enjoy a great glass of beer in our personal homes.  A while back, Geek Alabama featured the SYNEK System crowdsourcing project, which is a countertop beer dispenser, yep you can have over 17,000 brands of beer in your own personal home!  Here is a video explaining how it works.

Now, SYNEK is getting ready to launch their new countertop beer dispenser.  And for the ones who did not pledge anything in their Kickstarter project, you can still get one!  The dispenser will start of with over 17,000 beer brands from 1,200 breweries.  And that will continue to grow!  The dispenser works with a refillable CO2 container and adjustable CO2 settings.  The dispenser makes sure to keep your beer ice cold.  And there is a drip device to keep beer from spilling onto your countertop.  And the beer lasts for 30 days or more, so you don’t have to worry about beer going bad.

SYNEK uses flexible packaging bags that can withstand the pressures of beer and other carbonated beverages. The bags have three primary layers that keep your beer tasting fresh. The inside layer is FDA approved and doesn’t react with the contents of beer. The middle layer consists of stretched aluminum providing an oxygen barrier similar to cans and protects your beer from UV rays.  The outer layer is coated with a plastic-like polymer that adds additional strength and durability.

Craft breweries are an industry of small business owners who have put everything at risk to chase their dreams of independence and to better serve their communities. Every day they wake up, they strive to achieve the ‘unobtainable’ perfect beer so they can share their discovery with one another. They believe that beer is not only an art and a science, but most importantly a lifestyle.  So, if you want to support craft breweries, even if you can not visit them in person, the SYNEK System is what you need to get!


So, if you want your very own SYNEK system by this Summer, it will cost you $299 for the device.  Each beer bag will cost around $5, announcements to purchase beer bags for the SYNEK system will come later this year when the device launches.  Also, you can check out the new and improved SYNEK System website by going to:

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