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Music Thursdays: Sydni Alexander / Kenny McNeil – D2D

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This week on Music Thursdays, I am talking about two artists that you need to watch.  Both of these artists followed me along on Twitter @nvyoung and I liked their music, so I am talking about them!

Sydni Alexander


Sydni Alexander is a passionate sixteen year old singer-songwriter from the DC area. Though coming from humble beginnings, including both church and school choirs, her vocals are on point with amazing pitch, unbelievable control, and tonal maturity rarely achieved by a young artist.  With influences including Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, and Pink, she brings a fresh variety of sound and lyrics that will surely crossover and gain fans from many genres.  Her hobbies include singing, CrossFit and playing her guitar. In her spare time, Sydni volunteers with One Warm Coat – an organization that collects and distributes coats to families in need.

Her music is great!  Her vocals are great for a 16-year-old.  In this song called “Why Don’t You?”, it’s about how awkward it can be when you first meet someone, and the silly pick-up lines that get said.  The song was recorded at Blue Room Productions.

And here is a video of her performing on FOX 5 in Washington D.C.  This song is called “The Breakup Song.”

Good luck Sydni Alexander in your career!  To learn more about her, go to:  Follow her on Facebook at: and on Twitter @SydniAlexander

Kenny McNeil – D2D


Kenny McNeil (aka K Mac) is a music veteran from a small town in Virginia who has been involved in multiple projects over the years.  His recent 2012 collaboration with producer Amir Marcus on the single “Die With You” is getting support from DJ’s in his current city of Las Vegas as well as overseas.  Kenny has written for Rob Mercer on his hit single “Amazingly” and has also written for Free from BET’s 106 & Park.  Kenny showed versatility and passion in his 2010 collaborative and genre bending album release “What’s Your Dream?” with his group D2D (Dare 2 Dream) with Matthew Shell (MTS). Kenny’s music was featured in a 2007 BMW commercial and also on a DJ Smallz mixtape.​

In this Dare 2 Dream song called “We’ll Find A Way”, this is a song that is etched in passion.  They hope that it inspires people to find a way to rise above all their circumstances and the problems currently affecting them.

Here is a Kenny McNeil song called  “Another Way To Get To Heaven”, you hear plenty of great piano sounds, this is a good song.

To learn more about Kenny McNeil and Dare 2 Dream, go to:  Follow D2D on Facebook at: and on Twitter @KennyMcNeil

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