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Support Ruben Studdard’s Newest Studio Album on PledgeMusic


You should remember Ruben Studdard, who won the second season of American Idol.  And was very popular on the show with those “205” shirts!  And, he was also on the Biggest Loser.  Now, Ruben Studdard needs your help!  And he is running a PledgeMusic campaign to get his two newest albums off the ground.  The first will be a 5-song Christmas EP, which will feature a bunch of his favorite carols.  And, a brand new studio album is also on the way in October 2015 and will feature both originals and covers.

If you chose to pledge to this campaign, you’ll be involved in the entire process with behind the scenes updates of recording, sneak-peek at tracks, inspiration behind the chosen songs, and so much more!  Most importantly, you’ll be the first to hear the album when it’s ready for release.  Also, a portion of the proceeds will go to The Ruben Studdard Foundation, which helps the advancement of children in the music arts.  As of January 14th, the project is at 22% of its goal, with 13 days left in the campaign.

Perks includes t-shirts, posters, digital download of the albums, physical copies of the albums, singed copies of the albums, a signed Christmas ornament, a colored vinyl edition of the album, a signed lyric sheet, a 30-minute Skype chat, a 30-minute Skype vocal lesson, a studio hangout, a signed microphone, seats at a University of Alabama football game, and an executive producer credit!  This PledgeMusic campaign will close on January 27th!  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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