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Geek Alabama’s 4000th Post, The State Of Me And The Blog


This is Geek Alabama’s 4000th post!  Yes, I have written 4000 posts on this site since the site was started in April 2012.  And to start things off, I wanted to highlight some of the top things I got to cover and do since my 3000th post special about one year ago.  For starters, I got to interview Kid President, how cool was that!

I also got to interview a couple of really well known people.  For example, I got to interview Tara Strong and Meghan McCarthy from My Little Pony.

I got to cover a major snow event last January that ground Alabama to a halt!

I got to cover a Salvation Army bell-ringer that was inspirational!

And yes, I even made a parody music video!

As for pictures, well I took plenty of good photos over the last year!

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And, I also got into the presentation game on SlideShare.  Some of my presentations, like the two below, have gone viral, I am very good at this stuff!

So, on the Geek Alabama website, things were good between the 3,000th and 4,000th post.  But, everything else has not changed.  I continue to be rejected from every job application I fill out or job I apply online.  I have held numerous phone calls, Skype chats, Google Hangouts, in person talks, and nothing has happened like usual.  I have gotten used to this, since people around here like to discriminate on those who are different.  And what the heck, since I continue to not be responded to most of the e-mails and applications I send, I have crossed my 1,400th job rejection, yea!  (slow clap)


I also continue to have to defend myself, and others who are different across Alabama.  From those who are disabled, homosexual, believes in gun control, or believes in anything else that does not line up with the values many in Alabama holds, I love it when people continues to bash me online, or in person.  When I made this sign telling the world that I am autistic, and what to make a difference, it made some people around here not too happy, good for me!

Nathan Autism

Look, I know some of you are not going to like what I am about to say, but you might have guessed it if you know me really well.  As of right now, you can say I am more negative than positive.  Guess that what’s happens when you are taken advantage of at employers, or people say bad things about you online, or people ignore me and does not want to work with me, or when people do deliberate things like try to run me over on the side of the road, or even call the cops on me.  When you have multiple bad things happen to you, with hardly any good things happening, you are going to be more negative.  And this would happen to any person who experiences a lot of bad things happening.  It’s a part of human nature.

I have had several people I know say things to me like “think positive and dream big.”  And I do love talking about good things happening across Alabama and the southeast!  But when you continually have bad things happen to you over and over again, and even have your freedom threatened because some people would love to see me behind bars and off the streets, what can you do?  Sing Kumbaya My Lord and hope something changes, like that is ever going to happen.  Or do you continue to talk about things that are going wrong inside the community, like I do often!

When refused to place Geek Alabama on the Alabama bloggers list, even after contacting them over and over again, I continued to march on.


When (my blog provider) has refused to place one of my great articles on their “freshly pressed” section, I continue to march on.


When the local TV station I was helping out for free wanting me gone, and I left, I marched on.


When people see me out sitting out at the laundrymat, so I can work on the internet, I march on.


When Anniston/Oxford was listed by Moody’s as still being in a deep recession, I march on.


When Social Security denied me for disability, and the chances to get on disability or slim to none, I march on.


When some people, even at the same apartment complex, threaten me online, I continue to march on.


When the trolley system does not follow their routes often, and I have to walk back home for over three miles, I continue to march on.


And when some people have had enough, and threaten me because I love animals, I continue to march on.

Nathan With Animals

Look, I still have plenty of people around the state and the country who supports what I do!  I just do not like continuing to put pressure on those who still has to support me.  Like my mom, who still has to pay my apartment rent.  For the ones who knows me the most, they know that I am a caring person who works tirelessly to get the job done!  I make sure others have the chance to succeed, and make sure small businesses, other bloggers, and other good people get exposure, this is what I like to do!  Even if others do anything possible so I crash into the ground, I will continue to do what I do on Geek Alabama!

To those of you who do not like me, who are several of you, especially here in East Alabama.  Keep calling the cops on me, but they will just ignore you.  I have had the cops come to check on me several times now because someone called them only because I was walking on the side of the road.  The cops have gotten tired of it, and after talking to a few of them, they know there are people out there who are wanting to “get back at me.”  Also, continue to leave hateful and discriminatory messages on my social media feeds, e-mails, or blog comments.  I even had one lady here lives at the same apartment complex as I do leave a tasteful comment on my site.


To those of you who ignore my e-mails, comments, or my thoughts online. know that I am very influential online, and when I want to talk to you about that job opportunity, or partnership, or review opportunity, know that I am going to say what I see, the good or the bad.  And for those of you who likes to do things corrupt or wrong, know this.  If I see something that is not right, I am going to talk about.  No matter how small or big the bad things are.  Corruption and things going wrong are not right!  So, when I see problems like the economic problems in East Alabama, I am going to talk about it.  And by the way, every other blog and media site has also talked about it!

Like I say, I love it when people continues to call the cops on me or continues to discriminate against me, because of my disability or what I say online.  Sometimes, all you can do is smile and laugh.  Laugh because no matter what you do to make things better, something always comes around to make things worse.  For example, when I made my hand drawn Christmas card for 2014, it made many people not too happy at me.  Look, I am a realistic person.  And with the way things are going in Alabama, I was very realistic in my Christmas card.

card 001

When I talked to several people in the area, and they ask me what I want.  I tell them two things.  One, a job where I will not be taken advantage of and screwed over, like my last job was.  And two, for people to respect me and others who are different!  Since I have a light mental disorder, believe in the rights for same-sex couples, believe in the rights of the less fortunate and animals, and believe Alabama’s tax code should change so the rich pay more, many people in the state views me as someone who should be cast in the shadows, and should have the cops called on me because I am doing nothing.  I mean, simply walking down the road warrants the cops to be called, only in Anniston.


I guess where I am going is this.  You people can not force me to change my views to those most people in Alabama holds, or what some people call “Alabama Values.”  Even it means I keep being rejected from every job opportunity, volunteer opportunity, review opportunity, and continue to have some people who leave not so nice comments about me online.  I will continue what I do on this website, even if that means I go hungry after Alabama takes away my ability to get groceries, even if that means I stay in pain because my teeth hurt, and there is no appointments to get my teeth checked.  And even if that means I will soon be homeless and living in an abandoned building.  I hope it does not get to that point.

I will leave you with this video I made, but never featured it on Geek Alabama until now.  I made this simple video where I held flash cards and revealed one card at a time.  The video is called I Have Asperger’s Syndrome, I Just Want Someone To Give Me A Chance.  And it’s simple, I just want someone to give me a chance.  Maybe I will have better things to talk about when I get to my 5,000th post?

And, for the upteenth time, if you know of something, e-mail me at [email protected].  Here is my visual resume.

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