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The Cable One / Turner Broadcasting Controversy


UPDATE: The dispute between Cable One and Turner Broadcasting has been resolved.  The process of restoring the Turner channels will begin immediately and may take several days to complete, Cable One says.

I don’t know who thought this was a great idea.  But Cable One and the Turner Broadcasting System is in a war against each other.  Cable One claims that Turner has demanded an increase of nearly 50% for channels with steadily declining ratings.  Keep in mind, Cable One only carries TBS and TNT in HD and does not even carry TruTV.  CNN, Turner Classic Movies, HLN, and Cartoon Network is not even offered in HD, and this is 2013.

Cable One did say they had secured TBS, TNT, and the Cartoon Network and were still on the air for a while, until Turner Broadcasting pulled the plug on those channels.  Cable One had contracts signed to carry TBS, TNT, and Cartoon Network, but someone from Turner decided the contracts were not enough and pulled the plug on those channels.  Cable One does say all customers will receive a credit on the next bill, but how much will the credit be?  So I am here to say that the shutdown of the Turner Network channels are both the faults of Cable One and Turner Broadcasting Systems.

From Turner.

From Turner.

Cable One and Turner Broadcasting both made big mistakes when they dropped the channels from Turner.  You do realize that Anniston and Calhoun County is home to numerous Atlanta Braves Baseball fans, right?  Game one of the NLDS between the Dodgers and the Braves is tomorrow night on TBS.  And if you are on Cable One, you are out of luck!  Some restaurants and bars here in Calhoun County also has Cable One and they are about to have some angry customers!  One of the few restaurants, Heroes American Grille, has DirectTV, and that place will be packed tomorrow night!

This is not the first time Cable One has been locked in a battle between a network.  Earlier this year, they threatened to pull AMC-TV and the final three episodes of The Walking Dead, thankfully, crisis was averted!  Now, Cable One is in yet another battle between another network, this is getting old!  Cable One has had more carriage disagreements between networks than any other cable provider.  Is it because they want to keep rates low, or is it because of greed?  With my cable bill getting higher, I believe Cable One wants more money.  Or they are really telling the wrong things to the super villain.

Cable One is really moving backwards with their customer service.  First, they shut off analog channels and went all digital and forced all cable customers to get a box to access cable.  If you need more than two boxes, it costs an extra $5 each.  Two, they have a really small HD lineup and many channels that are available in HD, are not offered in HD on Cable One.  And now, they have shut off channels that many people liked?  To the leaders of Calhoun County and Anniston, I really have a simple message for you!

You need to kick Cable One out-of-town and bring in another cable provider when their contract agreement ends.  Anniston could start up a competing cable provider to compete against Cable One and they would become the toast of the town.  I think AT&T Uverse, DirectTV, and Dish Network (which has a dispute with Alabamas 13) are going to get very popular here in Anniston and Calhoun County.  Because I am getting tired of people who are greedy, and many people around me are getting tired of greed as well!  Both CEO’s of Turner and Cable One are patted with money, while they let the others become scapegoats.  This has got to change!  And if Turner does not come back to Cable One soon, Cable One is going to have an even smaller subscriber base here in Calhoun County.  Get it together!

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  1. I am all for dropping turner. If someone does not stop the networks nobody will be able to afford cable. After all, it is 2013 watch the games on cableone internet.

  2. Yeah, can’t do that. Turner has removed all access for Cable One customers to watch the games online. I do agree with you about the greed as its getting crazy, it needs to stop.

  3. Why is it that all those channels play something good besides paid programing all night, & yes they are charging us too much, I pay $105.00 a month for one box , PS McComb love turner classic movies!

  4. Umm they need to come to an agreement with Turner, because NBA basketball games come TBS, and i like watching Adult Swim at Night, Miss watching Family Guy

  5. I agree with you, I did talk with someone from Cable One, and the Turner Networks will never come back unless Turner reduces their fees. So this could last a while, if you like Adult Swim, you might need to switch.