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Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks Is Wacky And Funny At The Same Time


So, who was up at 3 am Central on the last week of October?  If you were, and watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, you saw this wacky infomercial called Too Many Cooks.  The 11 minute parody was created by Casper Kelly, who writes for other Adult Swim shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies.  The piece starts off as an innocent opening to any 1980’s sitcom you see on TV.  You know, where all the characters on the TV show introduce themselves, and smile.  But wait, who is that creepy guy appearing in the background?

The parody goes from a sitcom, to something all serial killers love to have, multiple victims to kill.  And there are way too many Cooks in this family!  You see a Roseanne like introduction, a Law and Order type introduction, a Dallas like drama introduction, an animated Gi-Joe type introduction, and this weird transition between a mansion and a bird, then things get wacky.  That serial killer lurking in the background gets active, and starts killing off some Cooks.  I liked how the name of Katie Adkins stays illuminated, and she gets killed.

And what was up with that superhero transformation, and they both get killed too.  Then the intro turns into a serial killer paradise, then into a futuristic show?  Yeah, it keeps getting weirder and weirder, to the point the words in the introductions are the people, and the people are the ones who pop onto the screen, to introduce the word people.  Too bad Smarf the Cat could not stop the madness, or the stoned stuff you were watching on Adult Swim.

Casper Kelly got about 50 tweets when it first aired on Adult Swim, then it went viral.  And Casper is very surprised about this, I am not, this was funny, and very clever at the same time.  Yeah, this infomercial does not make any sense, but this is Adult Swim, where their shows don’t make much sense at all, but it keeps the viewers coming back!  So I say, kudos to Williams Street for making something you will have to watch over and over again.  Here is the Too Many Cooks video from Adult Swim, enjoy it while it’s up on YouTube!

A word to everyone, this video is not for kids!

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