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Sunday Discussion: Playing With Power And The Bluetooth Power Glove

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Do you remember the Nintendo Power Glove?  It was sold in 1989, but never caught on.  Only around 100,000 gloves were sold, but the games made for the glove were not that good, so the glove never caught on.  Boy, has gaming technology come a long way!  Now, in this short documentary called Playing With Power, you get to see the behind the scenes of the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken.

Dillon Markey is an animator for Robot Chicken.  And he modified a Nintendo Power Glove to work with his animation on the show.  Seriously, the Bluetooth Power Glove has become the most awesome animation tool ever!  And you wonder if someone should bring back the glove so all animators can have an easier job making animated work!  So, enjoy this film from the Vimeo channel , and make this power glove already!

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