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Animation Monday: Rick and Morty Vs. Genocider | A Special Rick And Morty Anime Short

Man, these Rick and Morty online shorts just keep being awesome!  Adult Swim released a new Rick and Morty anime short called Rick and Morty Vs. Genocider. Directed by ‘Tower of God’ […]

Animation Monday: Directing Rick And Morty

A lot of work goes into making a cartoon.  And that includes directors.  Adult Swim takes a look at the directors that help bring Rick and Morty to life.  Yes, a ton […]

Animation Monday: Samurai & Shogun (Rick And Morty)

So before Rick and Morty comes back May 3rd, you can watch below this weird Japanese anime inspired by the show.  This special anime video is very NSFW, enjoy below! Click to […]

The Evening Post: Rick and Morty: The Other Five Trailer

In this chaos, at least Rick and Morty is about to be back!  Enjoy the trailer, and the show comes back May 3rd at 10:30 pm central. Click to rate this post! […]

Watch This Weird Rick And Morty Pringles Super Bowl Ad

Pringles has teamed up with the cartoon Rick and Morty for a weird 2020 Super Bowl ad.  The Morty Pringles robot apocalypse is upon us!  And Stack Pringles has a lot of […]

Watch The Amazing Rick And Morty Season Four Trailer

With over 6.5 millions views so far, people can’t wait for Rick and Morty to come back!  The trailer below looks awesome, and I can’t wait to dive into more weird and […]

Animation Monday: Real Lawyer Reacts To Harvey Birdman (Bannon Custody Case)

There used to be a show on Adult Swim called Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law.  The show had Birdman being an attorney and mostly brought in characters from other cartoon series in […]

Animation Monday: Biophysicist Explains The Science Behind Rick And Morty

If you have watched Rick and Morty, you know that they time travel and travel between many dimensions.  But, could this be real?  BuzzFeed brought in a Biophysicist to explain the science […]

These Are Some Of The Greatest Browser Games Of All Time

You may see people playing on their smartphones wherever you go, but before the phones and tablets become so readily available, most games were played on a PC. Some people still prefer […]

Animation Monday: Two Seasons Recap Of Rick And Morty

Yes, two Animation Mondays on one week, on a Tuesday!  Recently, the second season of the animated series Rick and Morty wrapped up, with a cliffhanger!  And because Williams Street and Adult […]

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