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Animation Monday: Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 1 | Letter

The folks from Pokemon have a new seven episode short series called Pokémon: Twilight Wings.  Dreams, realities, and challenges collide in Pokémon: Twilight Wings, a seven-episode limited animated series set in the […]

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Pokemon MooMoo Milkshakes

This week on the YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies, watch as Ro, who is dressed as Misty, make an easy Summertime recipe called Pokemon MooMoo Milkshakes, these are very easy to make, enjoy!

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Game Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s just too hot outside!  And if you are indoors playing games in the A/C, or are coming inside from the heat and need to cool off, try making these Game Boy […]

Watch Super Mario World Be Beat In 6 Minutes With a Glitch

Well, I found this from the YouTube channel SethBling, and it’s amazing!  Seth plays video games and streams them on his Twitch account.  And he was able to rewrite the game’s code in real […]

Sunday Discussion: Playing With Power And The Bluetooth Power Glove

Do you remember the Nintendo Power Glove?  It was sold in 1989, but never caught on.  Only around 100,000 gloves were sold, but the games made for the glove were not that […]

Get Ready For The Rose Bowl By Playing Ducks Hunt

Remember the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt?  Well, if you are wanting to relive the good ole days, Flat Miner Studios just made your day!  And this game is a great time […]

How Nintendo Can Turn Around From Its Massive Gaming Freefall

Nintendo, they used to own the video game market!  Their Super Nintendo gaming system was a massive hit when it was released back in early 1990’s.  Even their Nintendo 64 gaming system […]

Play Full Screen Mario Before It’s Taken Down

UPDATE:  Sorry, Full Screen Mario was taken down by Nintendo. Are you in an office and bored.  Or are you a high school or college student who needs something fun to do […]

The Console Gaming Wars At The E3 Expo

So the E3 Expo is going on in Los Angeles and I have paid attention to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in their presentations.  After viewing the details of the PlayStation 4, Xbox […]

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