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Hear Macklemore Sing About Trash On Sesame Street


So, you know that Sesame Street loves to parody popular songs, or bring in popular music artists for parody songs.  Well, they brought in Macklemore.  The guy that brought us “Thrift Shop” came to Sesame Street with two more Grouches who love trash!  As you know, the Grouches on Sesame Street are looking for the yuckiest, muckiest, and grimiest trash that they could find.  So with the help of Macklemore, you get to hear a parody song of “Thrift Shop” called I guess “Trash Shop”?

Hear plenty of yuck and enjoy this gross and awesome video below!

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  1. Awesome! I loved this, and then I watched Ian McKellen teach Cookie Monster about the word resist, which was awesome. Thanks for the children’s programming nod. I love Sesame Street, and they actually have a lot of great folks on there. Here is Zach Braff making a “Se7en” reference…