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Why I Enjoyed Alabama And Auburn Losing, And My New Year’s Resolutions For 2015


Well, New Year’s Day was a blast for me down here in Alabama!  I made my first New Year’s Resolution while walking on the side of the road around midnight.  And here is a picture of me doing that.

My first resolution, watching both Alabama and Auburn lose their bowl games on New Year’s Day, and it happened!  After it happened, I had to make sure everyone on social media knew about what resolution I made, it has probably made me one of the most hated people in the state of Alabama.

Before you get angry and leave a comment on the bottom of this post saying things like “you should then just leave Alabama then”, let me explain why I wanted to see both Alabama and Auburn go down, and go down in dramatic fashion.  Many people in Alabama are very entrenched in college football, and the Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide.  People care about college football so much, that they forget about the other things that should carry more weight in Alabama, like fixing the $300 million budget deficit, or fixing the prison problems in Alabama, or fixing the unemployment problems in Alabama, and so on.  I wanted to see Alabama and Auburn go down, and suffer, because people in Alabama needs to get their heads out of the turf.

So, with Alabama and Auburn going down, and hard!  I had to make sure I let everyone know about it again.  Yes, a crying baby gets the message across!

So, will people quit caring about college football for once, and actually start to care about the major problems the state actually has.  Like actually reducing unemployment in Alabama, the state has one of the worst unemployment problems in the United States, and the unemployment rate reduction has been slow and tedious.  Another problem, how about actually cleaning up the Alabama prison system, and reducing one of the highest prison populations in America.  Or how about fixing the major budget problems in Alabama, and actually properly raising the revenue needed to run the government in Alabama?  But who cares about the problems in Alabama, people must care about what Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn does.

To me, the problems in Alabama goes deeper.  Alabama has one of the highest amounts of people on Disability in America!  Yes, the entire United States.  The reason, the Alabama government could care less about people with disabilities.  The voc rehab system here is a joke, and people with disabilities struggle.  Another thing I care about, is the welfare of animals.  Sadly, we have vets who cares more about greed than keeping open low-cost spay and neuter clinics.  And the laws for animal abuse, and animal fighting are a joke compared to the rest of the country.  Another thing I care about, making sure people can live a good quality of life, good luck with that in Alabama!  The state has one of the worst quality of life standards in America.  The state would rather let people starve, then helping people get a leg up.

I guess I want to sum things up by saying this, people in this state needs to start caring about the issues that matter the most, making this state a better place to live.  And caring about college football 365 days a year will not make this state better.  Maybe seeing Alabama, Auburn, and Jacksonville State going down in flames in this bowl season was a sign from the Lord above.  I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ, and I am sure they would want people to not suffer and live a good life, without corrupted and greedy people getting in the way.  The entire state is going to be in mourning for the next few days, but let’s stop caring about college football for once, and start caring about what we need to care about.  I kind of sum the problems up in my 2014 Christmas card!

card 001

As for me, 2014 is gone, and I am glad it’s gone!  From people threatening me on social media.


Events that have ended in disaster.


The Anniston / Oxford Metro area still in a recession, and one of the worst performing metro areas in America.


A TV station that back stabbed me.


And a major drug problem in town with needles on the side of the road.


My morale and life standards are pretty much at the bottom right now.  And I can look nowhere but up in 2015.  Yes, 2014 was filled with some great and amazing things, but I had to also turn down a massive amount of events and reviews in 2014.  I could have covered a major concert, or cover new restaurants like SmashBurger, or covered a major event in Birmingham, or do a lot more reviews and coverage.  But, when you don’t have a working car, or the funds to do things for the blog.  Well, you get to do a lot of walking.


Yes, I am badly wanting to pick up what I do in 2015.  But, when you live in one of the worst performing metro areas in America, filled with people who are corrupt, greedy, and backstab others, there is not much you can do.  I do have plenty of fans here in Alabama and the rest of the southeast, too bad no one can help me out.  And some have asked me, with all of the great stuff I do online, why has a media organization not hired me yet.  Well, the local newspaper and TV station wants me gone.  And I have applied to the other TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, and websites across Alabama and the southeast, with nothing.

I mean, I do some amazing things!  For example, see what I did in 2014 with the Geek Alabama’s Top Things of 2014 presentation!

So, I also wanted to talk about my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.  My first one has already been a success!  But there are a few other resolutions that I want to accomplish in 2015.

  1. Watch Alabama and Auburn lose on New Year’s Day.  Done!  Glad to see both teams suffer for a change.
  2. Finally find a career or income.  Even if that means I have to move from where I live now.  Yes, that even could mean the Geek Alabama name might have to change.
  3. With income, upgrade my current equipment with a new camera and computer.  So I can take better pictures and video coverage!
  4. Work on growing my social media feeds even more!  They are already very popular now!
  5. Make more videos, and improve my stance on YouTube.  I am already popular on other social media sites, but not on YouTube.
  6. Put out more inspiring stories on Geek Alabama.  It’s too hard now to do more good stories when you live in the worst metro areas in America.
  7. Cover and promote more events for Geek Alabama.  Turning down over 100 events and coverage in 2014 was like a punch to the gut!
  8. Continue to lose more weight.  My pants are a lot bigger and bagger, but I can’t do too much while on food stamps and unemployed.
  9. Be more professional.  I am already very professional in the online world, I would like to speak and present myself to more people though!
  10. Volunteer more.  Turning down chances to volunteer at places like the Boys and Girls Club sucked, because you have no transportation.

So, I hope 2015 will quickly get off to a great start!  I keep on applying to jobs around America, and I hope something will happen soon.  If you know of anything, e-mail me at: [email protected].  Check out my visual resume and video resume below!

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