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An Open Letter To The Unruly Alabama Mom At The Sugar Bowl


I think everyone has seen this video from the Sugar Bowl that is just plain stupid!  An Alabama fan named Michelle Pritchett was taunted by a few Oklahoma fans while in the stands.  The Oklahoma fans then started to taunt her son, and she had enough.  She leaped into the stands and on top of the Oklahoma fans.  For most of the game, it was some friendly back-and-forth talk, but things started to turn nasty.  At this point, this is when you walk away!  If they continue to taunt you, get a stadium worker or a police officer to put a stop to it!

While the Oklahoma fans were taunting her son, she walked over and told them to stop. As she was heading back to her seat during the game, she heard someone call her a name.  The video below is what happened next, and it has gone viral with worldwide attention.

And yes, the original clip has been parodied and are funny.  Here’s the same video with the song “Wrecking Ball” in the background.

Here’s another version with the song “Seven Nation Army” in the background.

And my favorite, here is another version with the song “Sail” in the background!

Yes, it’s well known that folks down here in the south take their University of Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn University Tigers football very, very seriously.  Michelle Pritchett is a mother of three boys from Sweet Water, Alabama.  There are fans from Alabama, Auburn, and other football programs who have done some stupid and crazy things while at a game.  In this technology world we live in today, everyone has a smartphone!  And the smartphone can record video and take photos!  So if you do something stupid and crazy, you must prepare to be embarrassed online forever!

This is not the first time an Alabama fan made the entire fanbase look stupid.  Remember Harvey Updyke, he said he had too much Bama in him and went down to Auburn in the middle of the night to poison the Toomer’s Oak trees that ultimately died.  Is this a case of a woman that had too much Bama in her?  Sure, Michelle is a huge Alabama fan, but it also means you must treat your fandom with respect!  No matter if it’s a sports team, a TV show, a movie, geek/nerd fandom, or anything else!  When you are a fan of something, you love it, you breathe it, you can’t wait for the next appearance so you can cheer on that fandom!  You should never act like an idiot while cheering for your fandom!

Videos like Michelle’s leap and Harvey’s poisoning makes the state of Alabama look really bad!  Not only it gives the view from everyday people who have never have visited Alabama that we are crazy rednecks.  It gives the late-night hosts something funny to talk about.  I have seen plenty of Alabama jokes from Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, and others!  Every time someone on TV or online makes fun of Alabama, it is heard by millions, shared my millions, and it gives the same stereotype that Alabama sadly has.  That we are a dumb, redneck state, that is not true!

I must say this, I found the behavior from Michelle Pritchett as unacceptable!  Her rude leap into the crowd is now on YouTube forever!  Multiple videos of the same leap have been uploaded onto multiple channels.  Several sites including Geek Alabama is talking about this, because this has made national news.  It’s unacceptable for a fan to do something like this.  Did you think of your three boys before leaping into the crowd?  Her kids will now be embarrassed because this video will live on YouTube forever.  I am glad  Michelle Pritchett has apologized to the University of Alabama, Nick Saban, and to the fans.  But yes, there is another YouTube video of Michelle making derogatory hand gestures before the leap.  This will live on YouTube forever as well.

The Oklahoma fans were making claims that the mother was drunk.  The same fans also said her young son was yelling obscenities and threatening them.  Judging by the videos, it sounds like this mother needs some help.  She does admit she had a few drinks, but judging by the videos.  She had a few too many drinks.  And if the accusations saying her son was rude was true, the children need to be punished as well.  I find this as a good time for Michelle’s family to come together and get some help.  The children need to be taught to respect each other.  And the mother needs to get some help as well.  Yes, I have read both interviews posted by Yellowhammer News.  This is a case of one fan going overboard, and making Alabama a laugh riot once again.

Let’s celebrate the fact that the state of Alabama has a chance to win five straight BCS National Championships on Monday night!  Alabama, Auburn, and other in state sports fans needs to come together and cheer on the Auburn Tigers on Monday night.  Not be mean to one another because they are loyal fans to one school.  That is just silly!

Read both interviews from Yellowhammer News at:

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  1. You Bama fans have some real entertaining fans! This woman appears out of her mind! Are y’all like that in Bama?

  2. No! Most people in Alabama are not like this woman. It’s just some people in the state like to take their crazy stuff to a national stage. Thanks for commenting!