The Hat Trick Of Government Corruption Is Now Complete In Alabama

Ah, today was yet another horrible and embarrassing black eye in the history of the Alabama government.  Ever since the state of Alabama became a state in 1819, and especially since the adoption of the constitution of 1901, the longest and most corrupt constitution in the world, Alabama has seen it’s share of politicians of both parties and from all branches of government get charged and convicted of corruption charges, or resign before they go to jail, the easy way out.

Today, Robert Bentley took the easy way out and resigned his governor post.  Before he resigned, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges.  Sure, he will have to pay back his campaign funds, pay some fines, forgive his retirement money which is a HUGE blow, and serve some community service, but Robert Bentley took the easy way out.  He should have spent some time in our beautiful and well run state prison system.  I’m being sarcastic there, our state prisons are horrible!

He even had the guts to “thank” the people for being their leader of the state.  Glad you are outta here Bentley!

In the past year, the leaders of all three branches of state government have been removed from office.  It’s the hat trick of government corruption!  Some legislators were saying states like New York and New Jersey have had corruption governors removed before.  Yes, most states have had to remove a corrupt leader before, not every person is clean as they say when they were running for office.  But never before the speaker of the state house, the chief justice of the state supreme court, and the governor have all been removed because of corruption, in the same term, and all within a one year period.  It has never happened before in any state!

I’m sitting here watching the local news and I hear state leaders say things like “the future is bright in Alabama”, or “the worst is behind us.”  And I think to myself, what a horrible thing to say!  We continue to have leaders in our state government be corrupt or do things based on how much money they receive.  It was a big problem when the Democrats were in power in Montgomery, and now it’s a big problem with the Republicans in power now.  But hey, quit blaming the legislators, judges, and government officials for the problems in Montgomery, we need to start blaming ourselves.

Most people in Alabama will either vote via party lines or vote for the person who says they are for “family values”, or say they are a good “Christian person”, or say they will keep “government small” and “keep taxes low.”  You know what I mean, we see these people in every election cycle.  And these people who say these things are mostly the ones who always gets in trouble with the law and become corrupt inside state government.  Until we QUIT voting for these idiots, the cycle of corruption and wrongdoing will continue!  We can’t continue to keep voting for Darth Vader, right?

We can’t keep saying “thank God for Mississippi” anymore!  Alabama has the third highest unemployment rate in America.  We have a state prison system that is in shambles.  We have a Medicaid crisis where people can’t afford to see a doctor.  We have infrastructure that is crumbling with no funds to fix it.  We have schools that are rapidly declining with horrible math and reading scores.  We have hardly any mental health services or a good court system.  I can go on and on with the problems Alabama is facing, it’s not good!

Every year something stupid comes into the news from Montgomery, from the Luv Gov, to HB 56 which scared many people, to a current bill that would install “ransomware” onto all phones and computers to stop porn (who comes up with these things?)  The people in Montgomery continue to propose and pass stupid things that causes Alabama to be embarrassed in the worldwide media yet again, or yet another government official becomes corrupt, or we have to spend taxpayer money defending bills that are unconstitutional,  it’s a neverending cycle that seems like it never wants to end!  It’s like our leaders in Montgomery has money to burn baby!

How about doing something different for a change?  How about reforming our archaic 1901 tax structure?  How about maybe raising the property taxes from being dead last in America so we can properly fund education?  Yes, that means quit listening to those so called lobbyists from ALFA Insurance and Alabama Power.  How about allowing us to vote on a statewide lottery so we can quit seeing millions leave the state?  Yes, that means quit listening to the Business Council of Alabama for a change.  How about requiring insurance companies to pay for Autism therapy like 46 other states already do?  Yes, that means kicking the bums from Blue Cross / Blue Shield out of the state house.  I can go on and on about things to improve Alabama!

And how about something radical, like making marijuana legal?  Yet, you clowns in Montgomery will continue to listen to those churches who those attending have to listen to politics instead of preaching from the Bible.  Alabama will continue this cycle of being dead last in everything, having multiple government officials being corrupt, and being embarrassed almost every day in the national and worldwide media.  This has to stop, and soon!  We are now in a worldwide economy, and everyday this continues, Alabama loses!  It’s like Willy Wonka telling us “You Lose” every single day!

If you people living in Alabama wants to change this, there is only one thing to do, vote for someone else!  Vote for the person in the other party you don’t like, vote against the person who praises “family values”, or is a so-called “True Christian.”  Don’t believe the person who says they are for “small government” and “lower taxes.”  Those sayings means people are harmed and we have to rely on the federal government for funding.  I wonder how long that lasts with Trump in the White House?

Until we do that, we will continue to see self-centered, racist, greedy, corrupt, selfish, and bigot government leaders.  And in our world today, having people like that serving in our government means we lose!  I want to win!  We can’t keep welcoming people to Sweet Home Alabama for much longer if we stay corrupt and stupid!


Sunday Discussion: The Tea Party Sweet Tea Drinkers Mission To Destroy Alabama

Geek Alabama Discussion

Well, the crazy people down in the Montgomery in the Alabama Legislature are determined in running this state into the ground.  Last week, the House General Fund Budget Committee approved a bare bones, major cutting, Alabama dooming budget.  The general fund funds everything in Alabama other than schools and education.  And with this bad budget, Medicaid, prisons, and mental health would be cut 5%.  These cuts are only state funds, and these agencies would also see federal funds being cut.  That means more prison overcrowding, people with mental needs not getting help, poor people not getting the healthcare they need, and the federal government getting ready to come in and take over parts of the Alabama government.

Many other agencies would be facing a cut of 9%.  And if you think these minor cuts are just something that needs to happen because state employees are just sitting around, you need to quit drinking that tea party sweet tea.  The judicial branch would be cut $16 million, Medicaid would be cut $34 million, agriculture would be cut $2 million, forestry would be cut $1.5 million, prisons would be cut $20 million, public health would be cut $64 million, human resources would be cut $12 million, environmental management would be cut 100% or $2 million, and the only cut I support is the legislative cut of $10 million, that should happen!  These cuts are just some of the many cuts that would harm Alabama and grind this state to a halt!

The total budget is $1.63 billion, down about $204 million from current-year funding.  And some people who lead these state departments are saying that we cannot pull a rabbit out of the hat anymore, and they are right.  For the past 15 years, the legislature and leadership in Montgomery have done nothing to change the structure of the general fund.  Instead, they have been relying on federal stimulus money, state worker cuts, state department cuts, state budget cuts, borrowing money from trust funds, and raiding gambling places in Alabama.  Guess what, the state has nowhere else left to cut!  You have to realize something you should have learned in civics class.  Costs go up!  The costs of automobiles, gasoline, desks, paper, pencils, health insurance, and salaries go up, it’s called inflation!

And the state needs to have the funds to provide the services this state needs.  Some adults need eyeglasses, or dialysis, or primary care, or have their kids see a pediatrician.  If Medicaid is cut by extreme measures, many doctors in rural areas would leave.  Hospitals and ER’s would be overwhelmed by people who had services covered by Medicaid, and they were cut.  And if all Medicaid was cut, most hospitals in Alabama would close down, and you would have to go to another state for hospital care.  I am not trying to use a scare tactic here, this is just reality, and the tea party sweet tea drinkers needs their noggin hit like those V8 commercials.

Yes, some in the legislature are trying to fix these problems.  Del Marsh is wanting to allow Alabama to have a lottery and gambling done by the Poarch Creek Indians, but some in the legislature have said they would vote no on this, and even if this passes the legislature, and the people gets to vote on this, the church (tea party sweet tea drinkers) lobby would mobilize and most likely this would be voted no this September.  Another option by some is to combine both the general fund and education budgets, and unearmark funds in the budget.  What they don’t tell you is that most earmarked funds go to schools, and unearmarking funds would mean taking money from schools.  Keep in mind that Alabama has experienced the highest cuts to public education than other state in America.  Cutting education funds would harm the schools even more.  I guess the tea party sweet tea drinkers needs to make sure they can re-produce.

Look, I know the super majority legislature is made up of some very conservative tea party sweet tea drinking folks.  Alabama probably has the most conservative / tea party legislative body in the nation, both socially and fiscally.   Many people in Alabama are also conservative and drinks that super sweet tea made by the tea party.  However, you people in Alabama are the reason this state is in so much trouble!  You voted for these people, and you are about to see what happens when the federal government takes over the state government, and the state either declares bankruptcy or shuts down because you think having an government with no funds is the right thing to have.  Maybe you people should enter rehab, and get off that tea party sweet tea!


Instead of worrying about fixing the budget issues, the legislature is busying trying to tackle social issues like abortion, immigration, gun rights, gay rights, and the ever dreaded Obamacare.  The state has even had to spend taxpayer dollars in lawsuits defending state laws that were overturned!  Instead of fixing the problems in Alabama, the legislature listens to the Koch Brothers or Grover Norquist.  Our tea party sweet tea drinkers have their heads buried in the dirt.  And they have their butts glued to their seats, and don’t want to do a thing to get the budget problems fixed once and for all.  The tea party sweet tea drinkers are probably getting ready for a federal invasion.  I am sure they know that the prison system and other parts of the state government that are about to be federally taken over.  Will there be any violence, I hope not!

So, what can be done in this state to send a strong and big message to those who drinks that super sweet tea the tea party has made, and corrupted their brains at the same time?  I know!  I think on one Saturday every business big and small needs to shut down, unannounced!  It will be like Christmas time in Alabama, except people will be shocked when they can’t get groceries, or get gasoline, or get supplies, or get help.  Because this might be the future in this state if the budgets are cut to nothingness.  Yes, some people might get upset and you might see some people organize and threaten a riot if the businesses don’t reopen, but something needs to be sent to the tea party sweet tea drinkers who are not thinking straight.  And the only way to get to them is to force them to struggle!

giphy (1)

What are the chances you see every business in Alabama close down for one day to send a message, probably close to 0 percent?  But, something needs to happen because Alabama is on fourth down with 99 yards to try to score a permanent budget solution.  If the general fund budget is cut like planned, state parks would close down and would force some small businesses to close.  Restaurants would not get inspected regularly like required, and some could close down.  Doctor offices and some hospitals would close down.  Farmers would be harmed and some would have to go out of business.  Some industries would be unable to get the permits they need, and they might have to close down.  I could go on and on, what a reduced general fund budget really means is many people losing their jobs.

And that is why I am proposing all big and small businesses to close down unannounced for one day. Because smart business owners know that cutting more state funding means bad news for them.  It would mean less business, less revenue, and it would result in layoffs and maybe even shutting down.  I know some of you, especially those who are tea party sweet tea drinkers, think I am crazy.  But I think this is a good solution to get into the heads of those who have their brains taken over by the tea party whose mission is to bankrupt and ruin Alabama forever.

For those who are addicted to the sweet tea made by the tea party, cutting everything does not work!  And it results in more people without jobs, and more people staying on welfare or SNAP to get by, because there are no jobs available.  It’s not like this state has plenty of jobs available.  Ha-ha!  Tell that to the people who are unemployed and has no one who is willing to hire them.  I am sure the unemployed would love to slap someone who is tea party sweet tea drinkers; something like this should be legal in Alabama!


We don’t need to be waiting for “manna dropping from heaven”, like one legislator has said to solve this general fund problem.  It’s going to take the leadership of some in the legislature to do what is right, like reforming our tax code, especially the property taxes, which are so low that doubling them would still mean having the lowest property taxes in America.  Will something like this happen?  Probably not!  It would be like “manna dropping from heaven” to see our tax codes reformed in Alabama, along with reforming our 1901 constitution, so Alabama can compete better with other states in the United States.  Wake up leaders in Alabama, and quit drinking that tea party sweet tea, it’s messing up your brains!

By the way, if you are one of those tea part sweet tea drinkers, and were offended by this article, e-mail me at, and I will make you feel much better about yourself!

The Southern Geek – Vlog Episode 18 – Geek Alabama’s 4000th Post And Defending Myself


On the latest episode of my vlog series, The Southern Geek. I talk about a few things that are good and concerning.  The first, I highlight some of the top and best things happening on Geek Alabama since my 3000th post.  After all, it’s my 4000th reflection video after all.  Also, I addressed the internet critics, people who call the police on me, people who won’t let my foot in the door, problems in Alabama, and people who believe people with Autism are evil.  I packed a lot in this 9 minute video, enjoy!

Why I Enjoyed Alabama And Auburn Losing, And My New Year’s Resolutions For 2015


Well, New Year’s Day was a blast for me down here in Alabama!  I made my first New Year’s Resolution while walking on the side of the road around midnight.  And here is a picture of me doing that.

My first resolution, watching both Alabama and Auburn lose their bowl games on New Year’s Day, and it happened!  After it happened, I had to make sure everyone on social media knew about what resolution I made, it has probably made me one of the most hated people in the state of Alabama.

Before you get angry and leave a comment on the bottom of this post saying things like “you should then just leave Alabama then”, let me explain why I wanted to see both Alabama and Auburn go down, and go down in dramatic fashion.  Many people in Alabama are very entrenched in college football, and the Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide.  People care about college football so much, that they forget about the other things that should carry more weight in Alabama, like fixing the $300 million budget deficit, or fixing the prison problems in Alabama, or fixing the unemployment problems in Alabama, and so on.  I wanted to see Alabama and Auburn go down, and suffer, because people in Alabama needs to get their heads out of the turf.

So, with Alabama and Auburn going down, and hard!  I had to make sure I let everyone know about it again.  Yes, a crying baby gets the message across!

So, will people quit caring about college football for once, and actually start to care about the major problems the state actually has.  Like actually reducing unemployment in Alabama, the state has one of the worst unemployment problems in the United States, and the unemployment rate reduction has been slow and tedious.  Another problem, how about actually cleaning up the Alabama prison system, and reducing one of the highest prison populations in America.  Or how about fixing the major budget problems in Alabama, and actually properly raising the revenue needed to run the government in Alabama?  But who cares about the problems in Alabama, people must care about what Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn does.

To me, the problems in Alabama goes deeper.  Alabama has one of the highest amounts of people on Disability in America!  Yes, the entire United States.  The reason, the Alabama government could care less about people with disabilities.  The voc rehab system here is a joke, and people with disabilities struggle.  Another thing I care about, is the welfare of animals.  Sadly, we have vets who cares more about greed than keeping open low-cost spay and neuter clinics.  And the laws for animal abuse, and animal fighting are a joke compared to the rest of the country.  Another thing I care about, making sure people can live a good quality of life, good luck with that in Alabama!  The state has one of the worst quality of life standards in America.  The state would rather let people starve, then helping people get a leg up.

I guess I want to sum things up by saying this, people in this state needs to start caring about the issues that matter the most, making this state a better place to live.  And caring about college football 365 days a year will not make this state better.  Maybe seeing Alabama, Auburn, and Jacksonville State going down in flames in this bowl season was a sign from the Lord above.  I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ, and I am sure they would want people to not suffer and live a good life, without corrupted and greedy people getting in the way.  The entire state is going to be in mourning for the next few days, but let’s stop caring about college football for once, and start caring about what we need to care about.  I kind of sum the problems up in my 2014 Christmas card!

card 001

As for me, 2014 is gone, and I am glad it’s gone!  From people threatening me on social media.


Events that have ended in disaster.


The Anniston / Oxford Metro area still in a recession, and one of the worst performing metro areas in America.


A TV station that back stabbed me.


And a major drug problem in town with needles on the side of the road.


My morale and life standards are pretty much at the bottom right now.  And I can look nowhere but up in 2015.  Yes, 2014 was filled with some great and amazing things, but I had to also turn down a massive amount of events and reviews in 2014.  I could have covered a major concert, or cover new restaurants like SmashBurger, or covered a major event in Birmingham, or do a lot more reviews and coverage.  But, when you don’t have a working car, or the funds to do things for the blog.  Well, you get to do a lot of walking.


Yes, I am badly wanting to pick up what I do in 2015.  But, when you live in one of the worst performing metro areas in America, filled with people who are corrupt, greedy, and backstab others, there is not much you can do.  I do have plenty of fans here in Alabama and the rest of the southeast, too bad no one can help me out.  And some have asked me, with all of the great stuff I do online, why has a media organization not hired me yet.  Well, the local newspaper and TV station wants me gone.  And I have applied to the other TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, and websites across Alabama and the southeast, with nothing.

I mean, I do some amazing things!  For example, see what I did in 2014 with the Geek Alabama’s Top Things of 2014 presentation!

So, I also wanted to talk about my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.  My first one has already been a success!  But there are a few other resolutions that I want to accomplish in 2015.

  1. Watch Alabama and Auburn lose on New Year’s Day.  Done!  Glad to see both teams suffer for a change.
  2. Finally find a career or income.  Even if that means I have to move from where I live now.  Yes, that even could mean the Geek Alabama name might have to change.
  3. With income, upgrade my current equipment with a new camera and computer.  So I can take better pictures and video coverage!
  4. Work on growing my social media feeds even more!  They are already very popular now!
  5. Make more videos, and improve my stance on YouTube.  I am already popular on other social media sites, but not on YouTube.
  6. Put out more inspiring stories on Geek Alabama.  It’s too hard now to do more good stories when you live in the worst metro areas in America.
  7. Cover and promote more events for Geek Alabama.  Turning down over 100 events and coverage in 2014 was like a punch to the gut!
  8. Continue to lose more weight.  My pants are a lot bigger and bagger, but I can’t do too much while on food stamps and unemployed.
  9. Be more professional.  I am already very professional in the online world, I would like to speak and present myself to more people though!
  10. Volunteer more.  Turning down chances to volunteer at places like the Boys and Girls Club sucked, because you have no transportation.

So, I hope 2015 will quickly get off to a great start!  I keep on applying to jobs around America, and I hope something will happen soon.  If you know of anything, e-mail me at:  Check out my visual resume and video resume below!

An Open Letter To Tim Cook, Cliff Sims, Mike Hubbard, And The People In Alabama


This is going to be a long post, because there is a lot to talk about here in the State of Alabama.  And if this post makes me a targeted person in Alabama, oh well, it had to be written!  During the week, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke in Montgomery where he was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor, class of 2014.  Tim Cook slammed the Alabama leaders for granting equal rights to everyone, even those who are homosexual, and LGBT.  He said Alabama was way too slow in granting rights to African-Americans, and we are now too slow in granting rights to everyone, no matter what race, sex, or sexual preference the person is.  I agree with Tim Cook 100%!  But it did not take long for people here in Alabama to bash Tim Cook.

Cliff Sims, who writes at Yellowhammer News, criticized Tim Cook for saying he should not lecture Alabama on how to live.  Sorry Cliff, but Tim Cook was right!  And today, Tim Cook came out and announced that he was gay, which is something that took a lot of courage!  Tim Cook even said being gay was among the greatest gifts God gave to him.  Yes, God does give gifts to every person on Earth.  The gifts are different in every person, and yes, being gay is a gift, in my opinion.  Sadly, many people are already bashing Tim Cook in the comments saying things like “God does not promote homosexuality”, and other similar comments.  I sent out this tweet thinking what Tim Cook was really saying, I think I was right!

Let’s get things straight!  First, let me talk to Tim Cook.  Tim, it took a lot of guts to come out publicly.  Thank you for doing that!  I am glad you have pictures of John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King in your office, and it reminds you that you are changing the world for the better.  Yes, Alabama has an extremely long way to go before people accept people who are different, from people who are disabled, gay, homosexual, LGBT, different skin color, and more.  Yes, some people in Alabama today still discriminates based on skin color, that was so the 1960’s.

As for Cliff Sims, you also put out a tweet saying Tim Cook should open an Apple plant in the black belt of Alabama.  But, there’s a reason why that won’t happen, unless Alabama changes.

You see, Alabama has had the second highest cuts to public education, the second worst unemployment drop from the recession, our prisons are about to be taken over by the feds, and Alabama has a corrupt government, I will get to Mike Hubbard in a little bit.  Because the education and employment situations are in the toilet in Alabama, you won’t see Apple coming to Alabama anytime soon, because companies today are not only looking at tax breaks, they are also looking at other factors.  The only reason companies like Honda came to Alabama is because of tax breaks.

Cliff, until you and many people in Alabama starts to accept everyone, no matter how different that person is, Alabama will never grow up, and instead keep getting worse and worse.  Today, more and more companies are being run by Millennials, I am an Millennial.  And people who are Millennials are looking at the quality of life, and how people are treated before they decide to move in.  So, when Alabama has the worst quality of life issues in America, from poverty to obesity, companies are going to laugh at Alabama, and set up shop somewhere else.

So, until the government in Alabama starts to care about those who are struggling, instead of the ones who are well off, Alabama will continue to fall, down to bankruptcy.  See, cutting government to hardly nothing does not work!  And I believe taxes should be low, and government should be kept to small size, but Alabama has pretty much butchered their government, and Kansas tried to copy what Alabama is doing, with disastrous results!  I will leave it with another tweet you wrote, sorry Cliff, many people in Alabama actually cares about making Alabama better, the clowns we have in Montgomery are going to ruin this state.

So, one clown in Montgomery who now has been indicated on corruption charges, is Mike Hubbard.  Mike was charged with 23 counts, including using his office for personal gain and soliciting things of value.  Basically, Mike Hubbard was being corrupt in his office.  How funny, the Speaker of the House in Alabama has been charged with corruption in Alabama, yes it went viral!

Mike Hubbard has called the charges a “political witch hunt”, and other Republican leaders went to stand by Mike at a press conference, including Mike Rogers and Del Marsh, among others.  Seriously, Mike Rogers and Del Marsh, who lives in Anniston, one of the worst economic metro areas in America, went down to defend a corrupt politician, how sad!  Mike Hubbard lives in Auburn/Opelika, which is one of the top performing metro areas in America.  So, to keep Auburn/Opelika humming along and one of the best metro areas in America, politicians have to be corrupt, how stupid!

Mike Hubbard, you have should done the most honorable thing, and stepped down after you booked yourself in the Lee County Jail.  Every politician charged with corruption since the Republicans took over in 2010, have been convicted with corruption.  Yes, Mike is innocent until found guilty, but after looking over the charges, I think Mike is going to be convicted on some or all of the charges.  Mike Hubbard, let me just say this, prison will be not a cake walk!  And yes, these charges are an embarrassment to all of Alabama!  It’s like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz came from Alabama, where he does not need a brain to survive here.

So, I am now going to talk to people in Alabama, who needs to listen up, because Alabama is going down the tubes, quickly!  In this post where I talked about 10 reasons why Alabama is in deep trouble, I talk about the many reasons why Alabama is in serious trouble, and it’s mostly because people in Alabama are mis-informed, or just don’t care when they go to the ballot box.  Alabama has one of the worst unemployment problems in America, Alabama has some of the biggest cuts in public education in America, Alabama has some of the worst prison overcrowding and abuse in America, Alabama has some of the worst animal welfare and roads in America, Alabama has the longest and oldest constitution in the world, Alabama has some of the worst tax codes in America, and I could on and on, Alabama is just really messed up.

I am known by many leaders across the country, from people who run small companies, YouTube people, writers, performers, bloggers, and more.  Every time something bad comes out in the news about Alabama, it gives the impression to everyone not living in Alabama that we are a backwards and stupid state.  Yep, with Alabama having one of the worst unemployment rates in America, I have seen people I know in East Alabama, leave Alabama and go to states like Texas and Oklahoma.  Heck for me, I have crossed the 1,260th job rejection.


Many people in Alabama are stuck in the late 1800’s, and it must change, or Alabama will go bankrupt and die on the vine.  Yes, I am a Christian and believe in God, but sorry, God is not going to save Alabama.  Some things will have to change, like not kicking people off of safety nets, because you think they are lazy, when there are no jobs available.  Another thing that will have to change is the broken tax code, unless you want the federal government to take over everything in Alabama, and they force taxes to change.  Sorry folks in Alabama, taxes will being going up, especially on the ones who are well off.  Will Alabama voluntary do it, or will the feds force it is the question.  I feel like I am Rick from The Walking Dead, who is trying to keep corrupt Alabama politicians zombies back.

Yes, Alabama does have plenty of nice people living in this state.  But when it comes to politics and government, we suck at that!  For example, the Anniston/Oxford area has one of the worst economies in America.  I have had people call Anniston/Oxford a “welfare city.”  And other metro areas in Alabama are also some of the worst in America as well.  This is mostly because of bad politicians and leaders who would rather keep things in old times instead of moving into the 21st century.  Face it, things will have to change, either we do it voluntary, or we will do it kicking and screaming.

More and more Millennials are realizing how government should be run, and it’s nothing like how the government in Alabama is run.  People in Alabama, you have a chance to change things on Election Day, but I am afraid people will keep things as “status quo.”  And everyone running will just get re-elected, and that will contribute to the destruction of Alabama.  Alabama, either grow up or die, it’s your choice!  As for my jobless problem, I think my time in Alabama is quickly coming to an end, mostly because there is nothing here!

For example, I think my chances on getting on disability are 10% or less.  Sadly, said that 3,100 intellectually disabled in Alabama are waiting on help from the state, it just shows you how slow Alabama moves.  The person who did a evaluation on me thinks I would do better in a voc rehab or work adjustment program.  One problem, Alabama is too broke to provide that!


So I will wrap up this post with a message to my mother.  Mom, starting in January you will be starting to pay for my groceries since lawmakers in Montgomery decided that safety nets are for people who are too lazy.  I think we have a tough decision we have to make, Anniston/Oxford is dead, many people have told me to leave.  Unless you want to continue to keep paying for rent and soon groceries each month, it’s time for me to leave Alabama and go to other states that have better economic situations like Texas.  Hopefully we can meet in person and talk about this soon, love you mom!