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Learn More And Join The Heart Of YouTube Community


Are you on YouTube, like I am.  And do you feel like the sense of community has been lost forever.  You are not alone!  YouTube has become a place where only the big name channels are getting much of the exposure, while smaller channels struggle to gain subscribers.  And many people are wanting to bring back the sense of community YouTube was once known for.  So, enter the Heart of YouTube.

Average people are the heart and soul of YouTube.  They are the lost (and found ;)) YouTube Community. They are here to reunite what once was: The Heart of YouTube.  On their Facebook like page, you will find YouTube videos from average people like vlogs, video making advice, YouTube groups, and much more!  They have already gotten over 300 likes, and are now shooting for 1000 likes.  So, join the fun with the Heart of YouTube at:

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