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DreamWorks TV Is Now Here, View Kids Shows On The Internet


DreamWorks Animation is known for some big characters and movies like Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, and of course, Shrek.  But have you seen Shrek vlog?  That’s right, vlog?  Well enjoy a vlog from Shrek below where not flossing is a good thing for ogres!

DreamWorks has launched the YouTube channel DreamWorksTV, where it will feature original short videos, vlogs, unboxing videos, special previews, and more!

Besides vlogs, DreamWorksTV is also featuring original live-action shorts including family friendly reality shows Prank My Parents and Record Setter Kids; original animated web series like Jimmy Blue Shorts and Report Card, the kid-comedian sketch comedy show OMG; ensemble comedy Public Pool, Fifi: Cat Therapist, about a house cat who dispenses advice to neighborhood animals; best-of-web-shorts curation Watch This; and RetroToons, highlights from DreamWorks Animation’s classic media library.  New shows including Richie Rich will be coming to this YouTube channel later.

To get things started, enjoy episode one of Gorillaville.

Here is the series The Report Card, which features some cardboard animation!

Here is the series Record Setter Kids, where host Jennxpenn talks about kid’s setting world records.

And I like this video from Puss In Boots where he talks about how to stand up to bullies.

Obviously, I think this is a great move from DreamWorks.  And I hope other animation companies will start doing something like this!  The future of entertainment is through the internet!  If you want to see more videos, or learn more about this channel, go to:

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