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Geek Alabama’s Top YouTube Food Review Channels


Who likes food, and who likes watching YouTube videos of people reviewing all types of food?  From fast-food, store-bought food, drinks and beverages, and more, food and drink reviews on YouTube are very popular!  So on this Geek Alabama post, I thought I would feature my top food review YouTube channels!

Daym Drops

Daym Drops or Daymon Patterson, is a very popular YouTube food reviewer.  Several times a week, you see him in new videos reviewing the newest products in the fast-food industry.  He has also expanded to review food found in stores and drinks as well!  Daym Drops is so popular, Daymon is on Best Daym Takeout on the Travel Channel.  You should watch his videos on YouTube, here is his very popular Five Guys Burgers & Fries review!

KBD Productions TV

Even Canada has their own popular YouTube food reviewer!  KBDProductionsTV or Ken Domik, has many videos of fast-food reviews on his channel.  But he also has reviews of store-bought food and drinks that are popular.  The channel also has adventure videos, vlog videos, and some gaming videos as well!  Even if you are not from Canada, you will enjoy this channel.  One of his most popular videos is a review of Burger King’s Quad Whopper.

Freezer Burns

Freezerburns or Gregory Ng is the Frozen Food Master.  His YouTube channel features reviews of frozen food products you see in the grocery store.  But his channel features more than frozen food reviews.  You also see reviews of store-bought food, drinks, fast-food, vlogs, and more!  One of his most popular review videos is a review of DiGiorno Pizza and Wyngz.

The Two Minute Reviews

The YouTube channel TheTwoMinuteReviews is a new YouTube food and drink review channel onto the scene.  But this channel reviews all kinds of food and drinks, from fast-food, store-bought food, non-alcoholic, and even alcoholic drinks!  The best part is their reviews are only around 2 minutes long, so the video and review goes quick!  Here is their review of the Papa John’s chocolate chip cookie!

Joey’s World Tour

Another growing and popular YouTube channel is JoeysWorldTour.  Joey reviews the popular fast-food items you see come out.  Joey also reviews store-bought food and drinks for your enjoyment as well!  Here is one of his latest videos reviewing the KFC Quadruple Down!

Bev Nerd or Jason Coleman, is a beverage delivery driver by day.  After working, he records videos of himself drinking some interesting drinks from a variety of companies!  Jason has also gone out and reviewed food, events, fast-food, factories, and he has vlogged as well.  Bev Nerd is based here in Alabama, and I think you will like these videos.  Enjoy a video of the Coca Cola Freestyle soda fountain!

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