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Shepard Smith Calms People’s Fears About Ebola In Four Minutes


The Ebola outbreak in Africa has got some people here in the United States very concerned.  Sure, there have been a few cases of the disease confirmed in places like in Texas.  But, you should not be freaking out about Ebola.  For starters, you can not get Ebola by breathing it into your body like the cold or flu.  The only way you can get Ebola is if you come into contact with bodily fluids from someone who has been infected with Ebola.  If you touch blood, sweat, urine, or any other fluid from a person who has Ebola, you might be infected.  But the chances of that happening to you is extremely low!  You have a better chance winning the lottery than getting Ebola.  So, people who thinks Ebola is a “widespread outbreak”, it’s not! So quit thinking that the end is near.

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And certainly quit saying that we’re all gonna die, because that will not happen.

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Today on the Fox News Channel show Shepard Smith Reports, host Shepard Smith set the facts straight about Ebola in the United States.   He addressed the audience about the real facts about Ebola in the United States.  He also addressed some misleading stories that have begun to circulate about Ebola.  Some people believe that Ebola is going to get much worse here in America, and most people will soon be infected and die.  The truth, that is not going to happen!  Health officials are trained for Ebola, and you will not see a mass outbreak of Ebola in America.  The stuff you see in the movies and on TV is just way too misleading!


Shepard Smith begins the segment by encouraging everyone to take a deep breath, thank you!  Yes, Ebola is getting much worse over in Africa.  And now the United States, and many other countries around the world, have put in measures to stop people who might have Ebola from not traveling on an airplane.  Here is something else you need to know!  If you don’t show symptoms of Ebola, you are not contiguous!  America does not have a Ebola outbreak, this Ebola thing is causing widespread panic on the internet and in the media, it needs to stop!   The panic being caused by some folks is causing folks to go crazy!

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At the end of the video, Shepard Smith gives everyone great advice, get a flu shot!  That is way more contiguous than Ebola.  So, take four minutes of your time by watching the video below, and quit worrying about Ebola!  Your mind and body thanks you!

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