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Here Comes Paul Ryan


So everyone got the news last night that Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin U.S. Senator Paul Ryan as his V.P. pick.  No doubt this pick will be popular with the Tea Party and the right-wing folks who think Paul Ryan’s budget plan called The Path to Prosperity is the best plan for America.  This plan would turn Medicare into a voucher program, repeal Obamacare, cut billions in spending, eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, cut the federal workforce, and cut down on the food stamp program.  The plan would also cut taxes for the richest Americans while some of the poorest Americans might even have to pay more taxes.  What the… I’m not even going to say any bad words here.  Here are the three videos from Paul Ryan explaining his budget plans.

Part of Paul Ryan’s plan would turn over Medicaid to the states.  And this part of the plan has me really concerned.  Alabama already has the lowest Medicaid payouts in the country and if the upcoming September 18th vote fails Alabama could simply decide to end providing health care to its poorest citizens.  This would cause lots of nursing homes, hospitals, and doctors to close up shop.  (

Another part of this plan would increase spending to the military.  I don’t know why Republicans like to cut spending to other programs but wants to increase spending to our military that really does not need it.  Our military are already in places in the world we really should not be in like Iraq and Afghanistan.  But the part of Ryan’s budget plan I really do not like is the plan to cut taxes to the richest Americans while some of the poorer Americans will have a tax increase.  This video explains it perfectly.

I am sure many people in Alabama who are against Obama are very happy seeing Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan as his V.P. pick.  But if they win in November I am concerned they will use Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget plan which will hurt the poorest Americans like me the most.  And it would give the richest Americans another way to stick it to the little guys.  At least the London Olympics can keep me company today while I think about this pick.


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