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Good News Fridays: Band Aid 30 Music Video

  Today on Good News Fridays, I am bringing you a special music video that is Christmas themed, and out to raise money for a good cause!  30 years ago, Sir Bob […]

Watch A Video About A Ambulance Driver In The Middle Of The Ebola Outbreak

This video from the Vimeo channel The New York Times – Video is something you need to see!  The video follows an ambulance driver in the city of Monrovia, Liberia’s capital.  This driver transports numerous people […]

Shepard Smith Calms People’s Fears About Ebola In Four Minutes

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has got some people here in the United States very concerned.  Sure, there have been a few cases of the disease confirmed in places like in Texas. […]

Watch The PBS Newshour Piece About Ebola Partly Shot In Alabama

Last night, the PBS Newshour aired a very interesting piece about the CDC and the efforts to stop the Ebola outbreak from spreading.  In the video below, you get to go inside […]

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