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Good News Fridays: Sozo Children’s Choir From Africa Making Best Of Time ‘Stuck’ In Alabama Due To COVID-19

Post from Alabama NewsCenter In these extraordinary times of change and uncertainty, imagine being quarantined over 7,800 miles from home. Fourteen children from Uganda, Africa, have been staying with a family in […]

Music Thursdays: Angel City Chorale On America’s Got Talent

I was watching America’s Got Talent this week and I loved the performance from the Angel City Chorale.  The choir group is from Los Angeles, and has a lot of members.  They first […]

Walter Palmer And Why Trophy Hunting Is A Evil Thing For Planet Earth

I don’t get what some people are thinking, especially those who believes they are the big guns, and who does not care about the other species on planet Earth.  Who cares about […]

Check Out This Epic Rap Battle Between Shaka Zulu And Julius Caesar

Epic Rap Battles Of History has a new rap battle between Shaka Zulu and Julius Caesar.  Man, Caesar was mean to Zulu and his tribe.  At the same time, Zulu love threatening […]

Sunday Discussion: The Electronic Afterlife / Gentrification Without the Negative

On this Sunday Discussion, I present two video for you to watch, and think about.  The first video from the Vimeo channel Gizmogul reveals where your old electronics go after you throw them […]

Watch A Video About A Ambulance Driver In The Middle Of The Ebola Outbreak

This video from the Vimeo channel The New York Times – Video is something you need to see!  The video follows an ambulance driver in the city of Monrovia, Liberia’s capital.  This driver transports numerous people […]

Shepard Smith Calms People’s Fears About Ebola In Four Minutes

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has got some people here in the United States very concerned.  Sure, there have been a few cases of the disease confirmed in places like in Texas. […]

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