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East Alabama One Of The Hardest Places To Live In America


The New York Times blog The Upshot put out an interesting interactive map, and for the East Alabama region, let’s just say it’s not good news.  Out of the 3,135 counties in the United States, Calhoun County is ranked #2,451.  Etowah County is ranked 2,502.  And the worst county in this region is Clay County with a ranking of #2,914.  The best county is St. Clair County with a number of 1,843.  Here is a map of Alabama and the southeast.

NY map

I mean, East Alabama should be doing so much better right now!  We should have more jobs, more services, more things to do, and the New York Times just said we are living in a bad region.  The map took data from unemployment figures, median household income, college education, disability rates, obesity rates, and life expectancy.  In the map above, you can see that most of the southeastern US outside of metro areas did not do so well.  But Anniston and Gadsden are metro areas, and had some of the worst rankings for a metro area in America.

With Geek Alabama preaching to the choir for major changes to occur in East Alabama so people won’t suffer and more jobs and opportunities will come to this region, maybe this map above will get our political and community leaders to quit talking, and take action.  Hey, there’s a thought, let’s do something for a change!  Read the story and see the interactive map at: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/26/upshot/where-are-the-hardest-places-to-live-in-the-us

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