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East Alabama One Of The Hardest Places To Live In America

The New York Times blog The Upshot put out an interesting interactive map, and for the East Alabama region, let’s just say it’s not good news.  Out of the 3,135 counties in […]

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Good News Fridays: Prayers For Gary Pierce

This week on Good News Fridays, I am talking about a Alabama based story about someone who needs some help.  This person needing a little support serves in our community, and if something happens to […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: I-59 Etowah County Construction Is Done

Well, well, ALDOT has finally finished the Interstate 59 construction in Etowah County.  It took them two years, yes two years to reconstruct 10 miles of Interstate.  Before the construction began, I-59 was in very poor […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: ALDOT Bashing in Etowah County

One thing I love to do on Geek Alabama is do some ALDOT bashing.  The state department that is responsible for maintaining our highways has been wasting millions of dollars in the […]

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I-20 and I-59 Updates

This post is about updates to the road works on East Alabama Interstates.  The I-59 Etowah County Road work is trying to move along.  At least they are now putting asphalt over […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: I-59 Work

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday I took some photos of a closed interstate.  Yep I went onto the closed portion of I-59 in the Etowah County work zone.  Both lanes of traffic […]

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