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Good News Fridays: Seth MacFarlane Helping Reading Rainbow Is Awesome

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The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter project is now only six days away from wrapping up.  And as of this writing, it has raised over $4.2 million dollars.  But they want to get past the $5 million goal, and now someone very famous has stepped up to the plate to make sure this project raises over $5 million!  Seth MacFarlane, who is famous for Family Guy, TED, and other shows, has pledged to match every pledge from now until the end of the campaign on Wednesday July 2nd.  And the awesome part, MacFarlane will pledge up to $1 million dollars!  Here is LeVar Burton talking about this great news!

From now to the end of the campaign, each dollar pledged over $4,000,000, Seth will MATCH IT, dollar for dollar, up to $1 million dollars!  And this is what it means, because this is important:

  • If they can reach our $5M stretch goal in the next five days, they’ll meet their goals of bringing Reading Rainbow to more platforms and 7,500 classrooms.
  • And that means that Seth will provide a full $1,000,000 in matching funds, taking them a total of $6,000,000, and letting them reach 5,000 more classrooms!
  • That means that if they raise the remaining million, they won’t just get 7,500 classrooms… they’ll get more than 12,500 classrooms!

With Seth’s help, they really CAN go twice as high!  LeVar Burton said on their Kickstarter page: “This all means one thing: there has never been a better time to bring new people into this campaign. Every new dollar you add to your pledge, or spend on an add-on reward, or convince your friends and relatives to add, will get us two dollars to help schools. This is unbelievable, y’all. It’s like we’ve always said: we can go anywhere, and if we pull together, we will.

But before you start calling your friends and spreading the word, please help me thank my friend, Seth, for his amazing generosity. You can send him some love on Twitter as @SethMacFarlane, or post in the comments below, but however you do it, please give him some love. With his help, we can make an even bigger difference for an entire generation of kids. That’s just huge. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Five days left, y’all. Let’s keep this thing going.”

Thank you Seth MacFarlane for doing this!  If it means more kids benefit from Reading Rainbow, everyone wins!  To see the great rewards still being offered, pledge to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter at:

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