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Food Review: Momma B’s Mac And Cheese

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On this Food Reviews post, I am talking about a new frozen food product that has popped up in my local grocery store.  The story behind Momma B’s is interesting.  Born in 1929, Momma B was a Depression-era baby who saw her share of hard times.  She persevered, bringing families together around the dinner table.  Momma would have wanted her recipes to contribute to more than just delicious dinners.  That is why they give back.  A portion of their profits are donated to various charitable Diabetes associations in recognition of Momma B’s lifelong spirit of giving what ever she could regardless of the good times or the bad.


Momma B’s has three different mac and cheese products out now.  There is the homestyle mac and cheese, pepper jack mac and cheese, and truffle mac and cheese.  They are even preparing to sell their homestyle chicken & biscuit pie.  Their mac and cheese products are found in the frozen food section in many grocery stores, and the first thing I thought is you don’t get much product for the prize.  For a 11 oz serving, Winn-Dixie charged me $3.99, I could get the Stouffer’s mac and cheese in a bigger size for a lower price.

Momma B’s products have no GMO’s, no preservatives, is all natural, and are made with 100% real cheese.  The homestyle mac and cheese out of the box showed something you don’t normally see in a frozen mac and cheese product.  This product had shredded cheese, and a lot of it, on top!


The instructions say baking is the best option, but who wants to wait 30-35 minutes?  So most people are going to microwave this mac and cheese.  The instructions call for cooking in the microwave for 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 minutes, then let the product sit for one minute before eating.  This product is different because it calls for not removing the film before cooking, not even poking holes in the film.  After cooking and letting it sit, you get something like this.


There is a ton of cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and monterey jack cheese in the homestyle mac and cheese.  Each bite, you get a lot of cheese flavor.  I just wish there was more mac and cheese in this product because 11 oz is not enough!  You are going to want more after you eat this product, and don’t even think about looking at the nutrition facts, let’s just say, if you are on a diet, don’t even think about eating this product, unless you want to end your diet plan!


So, Momma B’s Mac And Cheese comes with a lot of cheese flavor, but I am concerned about the amount of product you get for the price, paying $4 bucks is a lot of money for a small serving size.  If you are not concerned about the price, then Momma B’s Mac And Cheese is for you, you are going to like it!  I give this product 4 stars for the good taste quality, but concerned about the amount of product you get for the price.

4 Stars

Learn more about Momma B’s products at:

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