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Why The New Alabama Welcome Sign Looks Too Bland


For the past few years since 2003, when you entered the state of Alabama, you were greeted with the welcome sign that said “Alabama the Beautiful.”  The sign was in a fancy font and included the state’s official logo.  Here is what the sign looks like.


Now, the Alabama Tourism Department and ALDOT have revealed a new welcome sign that will replace the sign you see now.  The slogan “Sweet Home Alabama” is the official marketing slogan in Alabama.  And in the new sign shown below, you unfortunately see the sign taking a huge step backwards when it comes to attractive state welcome signs.

From WSFA.

From WSFA.

I would like seeing Sweet Home Alabama being used on the state welcome signs, but I think a much better design could have been used to make the sign attractive.  The state is going to spend $61,000 to replace the welcome signs on every state highway entrance into Alabama.  But in my opinion, if you want to welcome visitors into a state like Alabama, you need to show a great first impression, and the first impression is the welcome sign, this new sign looks too bland.

From WSFA.

From WSFA.

Let’s compare this new welcome sign to the welcome signs seen in the states bordering Alabama.  Tennessee’s welcome sign looks beautiful.


Mississippi is promoting the birthplace of America’s music, that is a good welcome sign.


Florida’s welcome sign makes you think about the beach!  And yes, you see the open for business signs often in Florida.


And Georgia, the 1996 Olympics happened nearly 20 years ago, it’s about time to choose something different for your welcome signs!  How about something celebrating The Walking Dead that is shot in Georgia?


ALDOT and the marketing department, you could have put some more color into these signs!  Alabama is about to have the worst welcome sign of any state in America, and that is an embarrassment my friends!  I would keep the Sweet Home Alabama design, but choose a much different design that looks beautiful!  At least we are not going back to the welcome sign Alabama had about 20 years ago, this sign looked bad!


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