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Food Review: Chili’s Bacon Mac N’ Cheese

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So I was looking for something to enjoy with my freshly cooked grocery store fried chicken I enjoyed on Monday night.  I spent some time in the freezer aisle, and saw that Chili’s Restaurants came out with a new line of frozen food products.  So, I grabbed the bacon mac n’ cheese and took it home.  Sadly, the bacon mac n’ cheese did not live up to its promise.


The bacon mac n’ cheese came with pasta noodles with a creamy cheese sauce and poblano peppers and bacon.  Here is what it looked like when it came out of the box.


So I cooked it by following the directions on the box, and the first bite was kind of dry.  I mean, the pasta was tender.  But I did not taste much cheese flavor and I thought the bacon was lacking.  Yes, I saw the bacon bits but I also thought there was too much  poblano peppers in this product.


I have had more creamier and cheesier mac and cheese products in the freezer aisle. And making homemade mac and cheese is even better!  So, I thought the Chili’s bacon mac n’ cheese was a failure.  I don’t know how it tastes in their restaurants, but I thought Chili’s did not do a good job with this frozen food product.  Maybe Chili’s should stick to their restaurants and their baby back ribs?

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