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In The Buff News: Naked And Afraid Season 2, Naked Dating Show, Swimsuit Edition


This post is going to talk three different topics all revolving around being naked and in the buff.  And no, there are no bad images below, go somewhere else if you want that!

Naked and Afraid New Season


Tonight, Discovery Channel is going to premiere the second season of the popular show Naked and Afraid.  This show is the ultimate survival show, because the contestants must strip everything and be naked when they start the challenge.  Each contestant only brings one item they deem necessary for survival.  The first episode is going to feature Tyler and A.K., who are dropped into the Amazon Jungle to survive for 21 days.  And you are going to see what mosquitoes and bugs does to someone’s body.

After the premiere, the new show Naked After Dark hosted by Joe Bereta will talk to the castaways from that night’s Naked And Afraid to get a more in-depth look at what those 21 days were actually like.  The show will also feature celebrity guests, other familiar Discovery faces, behind-the-scenes, and never before seen Naked And Afraid footage and in-studio stunts.  The new talk show will also have a large social media aspect to it, allowing viewers to interact directly – and immediately – with Bereta and the guests.  The fun starts at 8 pm Central, the same time as The Walking Dead, which sucks!  Because I am going to watch The Walking Dead and Talking Dead live, and record Naked and Afraid for later.  Once TWD wraps up in three weeks, I will watch Naked and Afraid live.  Learn more at:

Naked Dating Show Casting


Yes, I found this during the week and it is most likely going to happen.  Lighthearted Entertainment is currently casting a fun, new dating show for VH1.  They are seeing people who are tired of being single and finds the bar scene exhausting.  They also want people who are tired of online dating sites and not finding anyone worth your time.  If people are ready to make themselves vulnerable and fully expose who they are, a new dating show is providing the chance to find love.  And yes, it means you will be naked on national television like Naked and Afraid.

The chosen contestants will be flown to a tropical island for adventure and the possibility of finding love.  Yes, there will be nudity involved with this show, but this show is not an adult entertainment show and they are not looking for actors to cast in the show.  The casting producers want real people, with real jobs who have real dating experiences.  Since nudity is involved and will be blurred on TV, they believe this is a more honest approach to dating.  I see this show for people who are uncomfortable finding people or dating in a bar scene or at a scene with many people like a party or concerts.

As I have said before, I see nothing wrong with being naked.  If the producers does this show right, it could become a new model for dating in our world.  Yes, dating in the nude means you will truly have nothing to hide.  And it could be better, because guys are not concentrating on a women’s parts, and a woman is not concentrating on a male’s parts, you get the idea.  It also means someone’s clothing or accessories can not be a factor on a date!  If you think you are a good fit, interested males and females who appear to be between ages 24-32 should respond and tell them a little about yourself and your dating history.  What has gone wrong?  What are you looking in a relationship?  To learn more and apply, go to:

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Swimsuit: 2014 Issue: Cook Islands Group - Lily Aldridge, Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen Beach/Rarotonga, Cook Islands, New Zealand

I can not believe some people went nuts when the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition came out.  The cover features Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen in some very small swimming suits.  Yes, they are not fully naked and are wearing a swimming suit, but I have another problem with the overall swimsuit edition, all the women in the issue have perfect bodies, and they are airbrushed and made to look like to have the perfect body, and other women should stride to have their own bodies look like the ones in this issue.  For the guys, who cares, it’s good bodies from women.

My problem is, I think Sports Illustrated should do an entire issue of women who don’t have perfect bodies.  Feature women who are big, small, look different, and are even disabled and are missing a limb.  The media does a good job telling everyone that to be perfect you must have the perfect body.  And that is simply not true!  Maybe that is why that naked dating show might show us something that needs to be shown, you do not have to workout and barely eat anything to achieve the perfect body.  Anyone is perfect the way they are!  I would rather look at the annual ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, than the Swimsuit Edition, now that is real!

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  1. As a woman, I am wondering about the views of other women about the exploitation of the female form in such roles on especially cable programs which seem these days much more of a vulgar type derogatory type situation. Seems young actresses are deemed to be portrayed in their undressed state rather than being portrayed in their acting ability clothed! Im not a prude, but, in the day and age of what is being called TV gone wild, seems to be these actresses are being exploited as they are appearing to disrobe at the becon call of every director and producer to their discretion, which is getting to the point of obscurity. Seems to be just way over the top. In this year if 2014, should we not be concentrating on less sex, less violence, less nudity. And certainly there is the other spectrum, with so much female nudity just everywhere, well then where is the equal rights for us women, where are the equal roles of the same exact nudity in our male counterparts? Why are men not just then as nude as women!?!?! How is it when a woman has sex on the cable programs they are fully nude where the men having sex in the same program are even fully clothed? Its not possible nor is it plausible! There is no way possibly, this can’t happen. It seems there are women who in certain shows, are just walking around with no business but to be eye candy, but the men are dressed for the winter! Meaning they are never seen nude! We are trying to teach our daughters they should be empowered as females which us so wonderful, but, not by being nude in films/ cable tv. They should be using their minds , not their bodies , While their male counterparts never disrobe, & are always clothed, even in sexual situations what????? Do these producers and directors feel they are doing a bit of an injustice to the young male actors by having them feel embarrassed about their bodies, as they may not be well enough endowed to be nude on tv. That’s a double standard. I don’t want my sons to think their body is something to be ashamed of and never be viewed on tv as their female counterparts are always no matter how they look shown. I think cable tv needs to have their eyes opened. Either they make it fair, for every nude female, a nude male, or no nudity, sex, violence at all. There is so much violence, sex and nudity seen it is getting to the point of cringing whenever the tv is on.

  2. Well I agree about how some women are mis-portrated on TV, have you watched Naked and Afraid? It has man and a woman from different lifestyles in the ultimate survival test, surviving in the wild with no clothes. I have found nothing wrong with that show. As for the magazine, I kind of talked about how women are seen as eye candy. Thanks for commenting!