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Someone From Alabama Is On The New ABC Show Castaways

ABC has a new reality Survivor type show called Castaways.  And this show is really like the hit show Lost, but this is real-life and not a Hollywood show.  12 diverse individuals are […]

TV Review: America’s Next Weatherman

I try to catch new TV shows on TV, and some shows are great with wonderful writing, characters, and storytelling.  While others, well they are a piece of junk!  And this new […]

TV Reviews: Chrisley Knows Best, Beat Bobby Flay, Win Lose Or Draw

On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about three recent shows to join the cable landscape.  Some shows I enjoy, and some I don’t enjoy, let’s get going! Chrisley Knows Best […]

TV Review: Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge

On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about the new show on SyFy Channel that takes puppeteering to the next level.  Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge introduces ten hopeful creature designers […]

In The Buff News: Naked And Afraid Season 2, Naked Dating Show, Swimsuit Edition

This post is going to talk three different topics all revolving around being naked and in the buff.  And no, there are no bad images below, go somewhere else if you want […]

TV Reviews: Dude, You’re Screwed / The Great Christmas Light Fight

On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about two new interesting shows on TV.  One is about who can run up the electricity bill the fastest.  While the other strands one […]

TV Review: Owner’s Manual

  Have you seen this creative show on AMC yet?  Owner’s Manual tests whether it’s best to read the included owner’s manual or not by representing each side of the divide in a […]

TV Review: Spell-Mageddon

This is one of those shows that makes me wonder what ABC Family and Disney was thinking?  Take your average spelling bee, and notch it up to include painful obstacles, all while […]

Alabamians on Redneck Island Season 3

On season 2 of Redneck Island on CMT.  Five people from Alabama appeared on the show and they did very well!  Wade Jones from Alexander City won the season and Justin Campbell […]

TV Reviews: Naked Castaway / Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Over the weekend, two new shows premiered on TV for all of us to enjoy.  One TV show shows one guy butt naked on a deserted island.  Another TV show shows a famous TV […]

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