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Good News Fridays: The Whole Process Of Making Chocolate

If you enjoy chocolate, you will probably enjoy this!  There are many steps in the process of making chocolate.  From this clip of the show “How Do They Do It?”, you get […]

Sunday Discussion: Discovery Communications Needs A Wake Up Call

This Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, is not going to talk about problems with Alabama politics, which has been an ongoing trend the past few weeks.  Nope, this Sunday Discussion is going […]

See The Mythbusters Test Myths From The Simpsons Tonight On Discovery Channel

Tonight, the Mythbusters are back!  For this season, you will only see Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, as the build team is now gone.  And this season you will see more focus into […]

Catch The 15th Season Premiere Of MythBusters Tonight

A show of hands, who thought the Discovery Channel show MythBusters would last 15 seasons?  MythBusters is hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, along with Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara. […]

TV Reviews: Riot, The Carbonaro Effect, #BikerLive

On this TV Reviews post, I am reviewing three shows that have recently premiered on TV.  One show is boring, one show is for the macho guys and gals, and the other […]

In The Buff News: Naked And Afraid Season 2, Naked Dating Show, Swimsuit Edition

This post is going to talk three different topics all revolving around being naked and in the buff.  And no, there are no bad images below, go somewhere else if you want […]

TV Review: Klondike Mini-Series On Discovery Channel

Last night, Discovery Channel premiered Klondike, this is a three-part mini-series about the gold rush in the Yukon in the late 1800’s.  Klondike tells the story of the last great Gold Rush in […]

TV Reviews: Lone Target / Do Or Die

On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about the new shows Lone Target on Discovery Channel and Do or Die on National Geographic Channel! Lone Target Discovery Channel has this new […]

The Mythbusters Star Wars Special Airs This Saturday

Mythbusters is about to premiere the 11th season this Saturday night, and here are some interesting statistics.  Over the past 11 years, the team has tested 925 myths, filmed over 7600 hours, created […]

TV Reviews: Dude, You’re Screwed / The Great Christmas Light Fight

On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about two new interesting shows on TV.  One is about who can run up the electricity bill the fastest.  While the other strands one […]

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