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TV Reviews: Dude, You’re Screwed / The Great Christmas Light Fight

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On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about two new interesting shows on TV.  One is about who can run up the electricity bill the fastest.  While the other strands one guy in the middle of nowhere while other guys watch from the comforts of a vehicle or building.  This sounds great!

Dude, You’re Screwed


This new show on Discovery Channel sounds like what you think.  Yes, one guy is screwed because he is dropped into a harsh environment while the other guys watch through TV screens nearby.  In the first episode, one guy is kidnapped from a football field.  The guy is searched, handcuffed, and blindfolded.  Soon, the blindfolded guy is dropped off by helicopter on top of an icy mountain in Iceland.  One question, is the guy blindfolded from the time he is kidnapped until he is dropped off?  That is a long time being blindfolded.

Dude, You’re Screwed is the ultimate survival game and features five friends – who happen to be a handful of the most elite survivalists in the world – to play the ultimate game.  Each week one guy is ambushed by the other four as they monitor his every move in the wild.   They’ll watch him endure the harshest, most extreme environments in the world and fight his way back to civilization, alive and unscathed, or else he loses.  In the first episode, Jake Zweig is dropped off on top of an icy mountain with nothing but a short-sleeved t-shirt and pants.  He is given a small survival kit consisting of a snowsuit, boots, wool socks, wool long johns, a giant pink teddy bear, a wooden shield, fermented shark, and a speedo.


The temperature never goes above freezing, and Jake struggles to stay warm during the cold nights.  He almost loses because he got himself wet while in a hot springs.  Remember, you have to get out of the hot springs and be wet in those cold conditions.  Jake reaches a small village before the 100 hours is up and wins the game.  I liked how actor Vikings chased Jake around the village.  I wonder what happens if someone loses the game?  Will they have to endure a punishment or just live with the fact that they lost?  Future episodes will involve jungles, oceans, and other harsh environments.  I find this show as a couple of guys pranking each other and seeing who can survive in the wild.

New episodes of Dude, You’re Screwed airs on Sunday nights on the Discovery Channel.  To learn more go to:

Check out this preview video for the drama Klondike premiering on January 20th on Discovery Channel.  I can’t wait to review this show!

The Great Christmas Light Fight


The first thought I had about this show is man, some people really love Christmas!  I wonder how much their power bills are each Christmas season?  Most towns has that one house that goes all out on their Christmas decorations.  Some houses have numerous decorations and lights.  Some houses have a huge yard to play with Christmas decorations.  And some houses set their lights to music you can listen to on the radio.  I wonder how the neighbors of these houses feels about the houses with a ton of Christmas decorations?

The Great Christmas Light Fight is hosted by Michael Moloney and in the first episode, he went to four houses across the country to look at the house’s Christmas decorations.  They looked at the Christmas decorations from a distance, then went up close to view every part of the Christmas decorations.  The Christmas decorations are judged by the folks from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  And one family wins $50,000.  One family from Georgia has acres decorated with Christmas decorations.  While one house is decorated by a former New York firefighter who survived 9/11.


Obviously, this show is a Christmas Holiday filler until The Bachelor premieres in January.  It probably does not cost ABC much money to fly a small crew to take video of Christmas decorations.  I was impressed with some of the Christmas decorations!  But I could also go to YouTube to see some great Christmas decorations as well.  Judging by the pitch for families to submit their Christmas decorated houses for next season.  This season will not be the last for this show.

One has to wonder, why waste your time watching The Great Christmas Light Fight.  One can go to YouTube and view thousands of Christmas decoration videos.  The only good part of this show was the money aspect.  One family won $50,000, only because they love Christmas decorations.  I am assuming the other families got some money from ABC to pay for their massive power bills.  That’s the only good thing I see about this show.  This is obviously a filler for other past shows that are now cancelled like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I wish ABC would make more of those specials instead!

Episodes of The Great Christmas Light Fight will air on the next two Mondays on ABC.  To learn more go to:

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