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Why I Support DirecTV Dropping The Weather Channel


UPDATE: Get a accurate daily weather forecast anywhere at:

It’s time for a celebration in the weather geek world!  Last night, DirecTV dropped The Weather Channel.  DirecTV is the biggest satellite television distributor in the United States, and they replaced TWC with WeatherNation.  Which is an alternative 24/7 weather service channel.  I would call this a celebration, no matter what the executives at The Weather Channel, NBC, or Comcast are saying.

The Weather Channel CEO David Kenny called the move “unprecedented” in the network’s 32-year history.  And I think the move is unprecedented.  Ever since The Weather Channel was bought out by NBC and Comcast, the network has gone downhill in my opinion.  First off, they began to name every winter storm with their own list of names just like how hurricanes are named by the National Weather Service.  Soon, I believe the NWS will have to accept the fact that winter storms need to be named, just because The Weather Channel started it.

Two, they have aired less and less live weather programming.  When I was growing up, I would always watch The Weather Channel.  I loved how you could always tune in, no matter if it was 1 pm or 1 am, and see a meteorologist talking about the weather.  Today, you still get that for about half the day.  The other half of the day is filled with junk reality programming including shows about Coast Guard rescuers, tow truck drivers in Canada, gold prospectors in Colorado, steel workers in the Northeast, power line workers in Arkansas, you get the idea.  The Weather Channel has filled much of its programming with cheap reality shows.  In fact, from 2 pm Eastern all the way until 4 am Eastern the next morning on the weekends, TWC plays reality shows with no live programming.

And three, The Weather Channel is introducing more things that are not weather during their live programming.  Who cares about the top news from MSNBC or stock market reports from CNBC.  I tune in to The Weather Channel to see the weather, not the news.  If I wanted to see the news, I would not watch TWC.  I also don’t like seeing stories that ties the extreme weather to global warming.  I don’t want to see politics injected into my weather forecast.  I just want to know what the weather is going to do.

The only thing I see The Weather Channel getting right is their severe weather coverage.  Yes, TWC will go 24/7 when a major storm affects the country.  They have great meteorologists that go out into the field and shows the weather in action.  I also like the new graphics they debuted a few months ago.  Right now, TWC has been going 24/7 with live programming, mostly to tell DirecTV subscribers that they will lose The Weather Channel.  Yep, I checked at 2 am last night, and they were doing live programming.  But after DirecTV brings back TWC, how long until they go back to their old ways with their cheap reality programming?

The Weather Channel has said their channel is important and it’s downright dangerous for DirecTV for dropping them.  They even recruited Jim Cantore to tell everyone that it’s irresponsible for DirecTV to “deny their viewers access to critical and potentially life-saving information in times of severe weather.”  Seriously, the TWC execs are asking their own meteorologists, who have no say in this, to defend The Weather Channel when it’s actually NBC and Comcast who is telling TWC to air more reality junk.

DirecTV has said The Weather Channel devotes up to 40 percent of its programming schedule to “reality TV shows.”  And there are better alternatives to TWC like WeatherNation.  Yes, WeatherNation does do 24/7 weather programming, but some of their programming is on a taped loop.  But here is one difference!  WeatherNation, AccuWeather, and the local TV stations have been great partners to me Nathan Young and the Geek Alabama blog.  When I do storm coverage, they often share my pictures.  Where is The Weather Channel?  I don’t know, some of the meteorologists at TWC knows I do exist.  But they ignore my weather coverage.  Think I am lying, here is a picture of one of my posts shared on WeatherNation!


The Weather Channel is asking for a one cent increase to carry TWC on DirecTV.  But that is not the problem in this situation.  The problem is The Weather Channel is getting further and further away from its core mission, to forecast the weather!  I don’t blame the meteorologists there for this situation, I blame NBC and Comcast in their fancy suits up in New York City for telling TWC to cut back on their live programming and instead air cheap reality junk.  I want TWC to starting doing more weather again.  And share the pictures from people of the weather, not only on their website, but on TV as well.  And if anyone from TWC, NBC, or Comcast is reading this and thinking, this is an off the wall blogger voicing his opinion.  Think again, Geek Alabama is ranked extremely high in Alexa rankings and is one of the top websites/blogs in the Southeast US.  So yes, lots of people are going to read this post!


To the execs at The Weather Channel, NBC, or Comcast who does not like my opinion or wants to chat.  E-mail me at [email protected], I will talk!

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  1. I’m in total agreement with your viewpoint. Now that I’ve been forced to turn to WeatherNation, I feel that I’m getting more immediate up to date weather info for my locale as well as other places in the continental U.S. that are of interest to me (family, summer home, etc.) Miss the Weather Channel? Nope.

  2. How come the “so called” Weather Channel did not put up a fight to actually DO the weather? “More than 150,000 people have called DirecTV to complain”…lest we forget Directv has over 20 million-enough said!!

  3. I know! At least half of their schedule is cheap reality stuff, if they did the weather, DirecTV would have gladly paid the one cent increase, thanks for commenting!

  4. You bunch of Teabaggers…you’re crying because of NBC and MSNBC handling their short news clips at the top the hour! I’m not crazy about some of the reality shows they are now carrying, but you won’t find find better severe weather coverage ANYWHERE else! At least it’s not that stupid Fox channel or the ‘so-called’ FoxNews “fair and balanced” channel (hahahaha..a million times over), and their swarm of idiots pretending to be honest news reporters!

  5. Wow! This post has nothing to do with Fox News. I did not inject any politics into this post. It’s just many geeks and nerds hates seeing where The Weather Channel has gone too.

  6. You NAILED man! I have Suddenstink and I hope they drop TWC too! I grew up watching John Coleman meteorologist on Chicago channell 7. He started the full screen weather maps (The John Coleman Weather Experience)he is also a founding father of TWC. He also left The Weather or not Channel over the global warming B.S. lie. There is enough liberal anti God crap on tv we don’t need it on the weather!

  7. I am glad you agree with me. It’s not all about their reporting like global warming, it’s their reality programming as well that is driving many fans away. Thanks for commenting!

  8. I’m glad direct tv dropped weather channel. Since the NBC purchase coverage has tanked. There are so many graphics that you can’t see the live weather shots and the reality shows are irrelevant. If I wanted reality shows I would watch Bravo which I don’t. Naming winter storms just seems plain silly. Good for you direct tv. Weather Nation is sufficient. As far as political injections I could care less one way or the other I just care about decent and continuous weather coverage.

  9. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I have no problem with TWC being dropped and I hope more providers will do the same thing. The Weather Channel should be about weather, not junk reality shows!

  10. I’ve been turned off by the weather channel for a couple of years now. They are the ones who are dangerous. They blow things so out of proportion when they are reporting on the upcoming storms, and when it isn’t as bad as they predict it just makes people more complacent the next time. The reality shows are not worth commenting on. They are an embarrassment.
    I am so happy to have another choice. You hang in there Weather Nation. I love you already.

  11. I know about this, this issue has nothing to do with the DirecTV issue. But it could force The Weather Channel to move up to 30 Rock in New York City with the rest of the NBC Universal Networks, but I expect Cobb County will give in. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Gee, Nathan, so sorry that The Weather Channel chose to ignore YOUR weather coverage. It is apparent that this is the only reason you’re so upset with them. Their weather coverage is just fine. I don’t think anyone turns a weather channel on for entertainment so it doesn’t really matter what “fillers” they use during off-hours. As long as we can get LOCAL coverage without sitting for endless hours watching weather for parts of the country we have no interest in we’re fine. Oh, and perhaps they ignore your weather coverage because they have more qualified people on their payroll. Put on your big boy pants and suck it up.

  13. Gee, Lin, maybe you will laugh at their coverage when the anchors block the “J” in “Janus” on the background screen, I have seen many pictures on social media and just laugh at them. Yes, you get your local coverage on the bottom of the screen and during local on the 8’s. Maybe you will put on your big boy pants and realize TWC is going downhill fast. And sadly, they know I exist but ignore me, please try again with your comments.

  14. My wife and I are both upset that the Weather Channel went to reality programming for more than 40% of the time. We are Dish customers and also do not like that the weather on the 8s that the cable networks get for their local area is not available to Dish customers. We get a general US regional view and our city is not even on their map. If you have their advanced receiver, you can get better local coverage as a weather Channel APP. That APP is now the only thing we use during the reality programming time. Less than 22% of the Dish customers have that advanced receiver. Another complaint is that even the reality programming is repeat after repeat. Even the live weather coverage uses many repeat clips. One of our local OTA channels has a side channel that has live local weather with a radar always up to date. The sound portion is a local talk show. We use that weather coverage more than The Weather Channel.

  15. Yep, The Weather Channel is losing their edge with cheap reality shows. People can find better local coverage with the internet and local TV stations. Thanks for commenting!

  16. The Weather Channel has lost their focus and core values of broadcasting just WEATHER. If they want those reality programs on air, they should be placed on a sister channel and show that type of programming. I’ve lost confidence and enthusiasm for the Weather Channel. It has turned into a channel full of sensationalism and trying to build a level of hysteria to frighten the viewers. When the situation arises, I do commend them for their “extended coverage”. I’m a Comcast subscriber and am unaware of Weather Nation, but wish I could see their channel.

  17. For now, they are doing more live coverage,maybe they read this post. But what will happen a few months down the road when DirecTV brings back TWC and go back to their old ways?

  18. I can’t stand Jim Cantore, Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams. They’re global warming Obama loving lunatics. IOf I wanted to watch that kind of political garbage i’d watch MSNBC.

  19. They should be ashamed of themselves for implying their channel is a matter of life and death gimme a break. Which moron at the weather channel thought it was a good idea to get congress involved? Look weather channel you can’t force someone to buy your product at your price. TWC would still be on DTV if you didn’t insist on raising your price. DTV doesn’t want your product now and their is nothing congress can do about it. Congress can’t force anyone to buy your product. Whoever at your station thought it could is an idiot and just goes to show how immature the leadership at TWC has become.

  20. Yes, the cost is one issue. But the biggest issue is TWC going away from it’s weather mission to air reality shows. DirecTV has taken off other channels in the past like G4 because it got too far away from its core mission.

  21. Texas Cowboy here that relys on weather reports daily. Nothing worse to come in from a cold or rainy day or night turning on TWC and theres a coast guard or road to hell show on. Truthfully it’s sucks big time! I’m a new Direct TV customer as of 2-10-14 and excited to review the other weather channel they have.

  22. You are not alone, I think the TWC President is not seeing the real truth here. It’s not about the fees, it’s about their programming. Thanks for commenting!

  23. I agree with most of the comments here, with the exception of the idiot ‘Fox sucks’, whose left wing marxism blatently shows through. No hope for these poor people. No one mentioned the fact that when ‘algore’ was in the middle of shoving the alleged global warming hoax down our throats, TWC threatened to fire all emplorees with firing if they did not sign on to the scam.

  24. Glad to find this. The weather channel is nothing more than an Agenda 21, Clinton Global initiative political mouth piece that gives five minutes of weather. Hurricane Katrina was very devastating but they made it out to be about those who didn’t help themselves while we were hit the hardest in Mississippi. If they really cared they would be providing the service as a Not for profit instead of worrying about their big corporate shareholders to donate to their progressive friends.

  25. Thanks for visiting Geek Alabama! Yeah, Mississippi was hit very hard during Katrina while most of the media was focusing on New Orleans. And yes, sometimes money and greed can get in the way of doing the right thing.