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Check Out The Science Behind Ice Storms

The Weather Channel loves making these CGI animations showing you what could happen during extreme weather events.  And a new one has come out, and this one is all about ice storms.  The […]

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Watch Jim Cantore Get Stoked About Thundersnow

A few days ago, The Weather Channel sent Jim Cantore to Plymouth, MA to cover Winter Storm Neptune, yes they are still naming winter storms, I wonder how long until the National Weather […]

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Book Review: The Making Of Tornado Chasers By Ken Cole

In this Book Reviews post, I am talking about the new book from Ken Cole and Reed Timmer called “The Making Of Tornado Chasers.”  In The Making of Tornado Chasers, filmmaker Ken […]

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Sunday Discussion: Greg Forbes Cancer Diagnosis / How To Prevent And Be Checked For Cancer

Last week, a popular figure on The Weather Channel announced that he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Dr. Greg Forbes went into his yearly physical and the doctors found his iron level was […]

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Why I Support DirecTV Dropping The Weather Channel

UPDATE: Get a accurate daily weather forecast anywhere at: https://www.climacell.co/weather/ It’s time for a celebration in the weather geek world!  Last night, DirecTV dropped The Weather Channel.  DirecTV is the biggest satellite television […]

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