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Sunday Discussion: Discovery Communications Needs A Wake Up Call

This Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, is not going to talk about problems with Alabama politics, which has been an ongoing trend the past few weeks.  Nope, this Sunday Discussion is going […]

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Why I Support DirecTV Dropping The Weather Channel

UPDATE: Get a accurate daily weather forecast anywhere at: https://www.climacell.co/weather/ It’s time for a celebration in the weather geek world!  Last night, DirecTV dropped The Weather Channel.  DirecTV is the biggest satellite television […]

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TV Review: The Shed on Food Network

UPDATE:  Read about the controversy surrounding The Shed closing the Mobile Alabama restaurant at: http://geekalabama.com/2013/08/26/controversies-over-miley-cyrus-and-the-shed/ Non-cooking shows on the Food Network have not had a great past.  Do you remember some cancelled shows […]

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The Brilliant Fake Reality TV Show Campaign from Thirteen

These days, more and more channels are featuring cheaply made reality TV shows.  I mean, I like some reality shows, but I do feel like TV could use some more comedies, dramas, […]

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Alabamians On Reality Shows: Spring 2013 Edition

Time for another edition of Alabamians on Reality Shows!  For the Spring TV season, I have found several Alabamians who will be or are appearing on national TV!  Let’s get started! The […]

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Sunday Discussion: Needing Help / Reality TV Show Coming Soon?

It has been a good week on the blog!  Some of the most viewed topics included the local cable company, making muffins, brewery expansions, and a pony princess.  Click on the links […]

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Alabamians On Reality Shows: Winter 2013 Edition

Time for another edition of Alabamians on Reality Shows.  There are several contestants from Alabama on several reality shows on TV.  For the season 22 edition of The Amazing Race; or as […]

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TV Review: King Of The Nerds

Sadly, geeks and nerds have been placed into the rear-end of society ever since time began.   Many of us hated school and we dreaded being picked last or being rejected for […]

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