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Alabamians On Reality Shows: Winter 2013 Edition


Time for another edition of Alabamians on Reality Shows.  There are several contestants from Alabama on several reality shows on TV.  For the season 22 edition of The Amazing Race; or as I call it the SEC edition.  There is a really strong Southern presence with three contestants from Alabama!

Anthony Battaglia


Anthony is racing with his brother Bates in The Amazing Race.  Anthony Battaglia is a professional hockey player for the Huntsville Havoc.  If Anthony and his brother wins the $1 million dollar prize.  He plans to purchase some new teeth.  And he plans to pay off some bills as well.  Read more about Anthony at:

Chuck and Wynona McCall


These people are from Daphne, AL.  Chuck is a retail manager at Walmart and is also a Taxidermist.  Wynona is a Cosmetologist/Hairstylist.  They are both avid reality TV show watchers.  And as Wynona puts it; “It’s definitely harder than it looks.”  Sure, they are both in their late 40’s.  But we have seen that older couples in past Amazing Race seasons can win!  Read more about Chuck and Wynona at:

Reef Wranglers


Many people I know hates seeing other programming on The Weather Channel.  But since these folks are from Baldwin County, I have to talk about them.  Reef Wranglers is a limited four-episode series focusing on the adventures of the crew at Reefmaker, a business based at Walter Marine in Orange Beach, AL.  These guys sink older boats in the Gulf of Mexico to create artificial reefs.  For more info. about Reef Wranglers, go to:


Gina McDonald


Gina McDonald has gone more than halfway on this season of The Biggest Loser.  One person from Alabama has won The Biggest Loser in the past.  Is Gina next?  Learn more about Gina Mcdonald at:

Kevin Harris / American Idol


Alabama has a great track record of people from Alabama.  This season someone from Montgomery is trying to get into the top 20!  Kevin Harris will perform tonight in the first group of guys in the Sudden Death Rounds all in front of a live audience.  Only 5 out of the 10 guys will advance to the next round.  American Idol airs tonight at 8/7 C on FOX.

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