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View My Brand New Nathan Young Video Resume / CV

I guess the fourth time might be the charm now?  Anyways, my past three video resumes were way too long and not focused, as some of you have told me.  So I […]

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View The New Video Resume/CV Of Nathan Young

Yes, I have been away for the past few days on Geek Alabama, but I have been doing something amazing behind the scenes and I am now ready to feature it!  Several […]

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View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Storyline

In the latest presentation in the Nathan Young Visual Resume series, I present the Visual Resume Storyline.  This is a basic summary on what I do, and very easy to read and […]

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View The Nathan Young Cover Letter Presentation

As you know by now, I have my visual resume up on SlideShare, and as of today it has crossed the 8,200 mark!  That’s pretty impressive for a visual resume, view it […]

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View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic

I am putting a lot of stuff of SlideShare to get me noticed.  The first and original Visual Resume is now approaching 6,000 views, happy! The Nathan Young Visual Resume Game Board […]

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View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Board Game Infographic

My visual resume, in a PowerPoint form, has over 4,200 views now and is doing very well over on SlideShare, view it below! Now, I have stepped up my game and produced […]

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My Only Thanksgiving Wish For 2013

Thanksgiving is here and I wanted to do a quick post about Thanksgiving.  I will not be doing much Thanksgiving stuff this year, one, I am helping someone move on the holiday. […]

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My Review of SpongeBob, You’re Fired

SpongeBob SquarePants has been cranking out new episodes since 1999.  And the show still brings us some very unique episodes.  Last night, Nickelodeon aired a special 30 minute episode called “SpongeBob You’re Fired.” […]

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Nathan Young / Geek Alabama Visual Resume

This post is going to feature my visual resume and paper resume!  This visual resume presentation is 55 pages long and it took me five days to put everything together.  Most everything […]

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