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Guess what everyone, since I got a smartphone, I am now on Instagram!  Some of you are saying finally, Nathan got a smartphone.  I mean, I do run a geeky/nerdy blog called Geek Alabama, and most geeks/nerds have smartphones.  So yes, I have finally caught up!  When I created my Instagram account, I tried to use my “nvyoung” name but someone already took it, and this person has not posted anything!  So I used by computer file name which is “nvyoung44.”


I will be posting unique photos of things on Instagram.  Most of my photos are going to revolve around roads, weather, news, and event coverage.  But you might see a variety of photos from my everyday life.  So if you are on Instagram, follow me at:


I know Instagram does videos, but you must have a newer Android phone.  And you can forget about Vine because six seconds is not enough for me.  So, I now have a Keek account!  Each video can be up to 36 seconds long which is perfect for me because I can share videos of roads, trains, weather, event coverage, and more!  So if you want to follow my Keek account, go to:

If you have not done it yet, follow me for Geek Alabama and other great updates on my main social media accounts at and on Twitter @nvyoung.


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