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An Interpretive Dance For Government and Business


Many people have seen the viral video from Marina Shifrin when she quit her job from Next Media Animation.  So far, the video has around 15 million views!  If you have not seen this video yet, watch below!

Now, I decided to get into the game and produce my own special video that features some dancing from me!  The video features the struggles of being unemployed for 27 months now.  After 450 job applications, nothing has happened!  The Millennials and young people are the ones getting screwed the most as we keep struggling and staying jobless.  This story from the Huffington Post features young people from the around the world who are unemployed or working part-time.  Enough is enough!

I put the blame for young people struggling on both parties in the Federal Government and the business leaders who often skip over young people.  I blame the Tea Party Republicans for keeping the poor poor and the rich rich.  I also put the blame on the Democrats who is forcing everyone to buy something that I can not even afford.  So both parties are responsible for this mess.  And I put blame on the business leaders for paying so low and cutting hours to be more greedy.  It’s wrong!

At the end of this video, I put that I might have to move, and with the way things are going, that might have to happen for me to succeed.  Sorry everyone here in East Alabama.  So now, enjoy my video called An Interpretive Dance For Government and Business.

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  1. These are tough times that we’re all living in. I hope you get a break soon 🙂