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Aspie Vlogs 12: 20,000 Step Walk To Go See A Movie

Another Aspie Vlogs episode is here!  In this episode, I talk about my long walk coming back from seeing a movie.  Yeah, you have to get out of the house here and […]

Aspie Vlogs 10: Called Cops, Signal Struggles, Kiwanis

It’s been over a year, but I finally put together another Aspie Vlogs!  In this episode, I explain what happened that involved me calling the police, I show off some broken infrastructure […]

Aspie Vlogs Episode 9: Fun And Spoiled Dog And Cat

Episode 9 of Aspie Vlogs is here! In this episode, I head to my mom’s house and enjoy some loving time with Georgina the Dog and King Tut the cat!  Let’s just […]

Aspie Vlogs Episode 8: The Disability Results Are In

Episode 8 of Aspie Vlogs is here!  In this episode, I talk about the disability results.  I would say this a must watch video if you know me Nathan Young very well. […]

Aspie Vlogs Episode 7: Traffic Lights And The YouTube Fallout

Episode 7 of Aspie Vlogs is here!  In this episode, I show you some malfunctioning traffic lights near my apartment.  I also talk about the fallout from the “Nathan Sucks” YouTube harassment. […]

Aspie Vlogs Episode 6: Severe Weather & Walking To Store

Episode 6 of Aspie Vlogs is here!  In this episode I talk about some severe weather that happened in Anniston.  I also show you how I walk to the grocery store in […]

Aspie Vlogs Episode 5: Bad Foot And Broken Phone

Episode five of Aspie Vlogs is now here!  In episode five, I talk about why I sometimes have some foot pain.  I mean, when you walk around 100+ miles each month, you are […]

Good News Fridays: University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital Video

This video is a great way to wrap up a Friday.  In the video below, nearly 70 staff members danced their hearts out and cheered on their patients who were not just […]

An Interpretive Dance For Government and Business

Many people have seen the viral video from Marina Shifrin when she quit her job from Next Media Animation.  So far, the video has around 15 million views!  If you have not seen this […]

Good News Fridays: Children’s of Alabama Get Back Up

Children’s of Alabama released a great video today that all of you will enjoy!  Here is the description of the video.  Cancer, Sickle Cell and Blood Disorders are diseases that far too […]

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