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Sunday Discussion: A Way To Stop Young People From Becoming Mass Shooters

This is becoming an epidemic.  Lately, we have had several young adult males who have decided to kill others in mass shootings.  This image below is circulating on social media.  And yes […]

Good News Fridays: How Do You Distinguish Americans

The YouTube channel sw yoon did an interesting experiment.  Sw Yoon is a Korean student and gathered students from different countries around the world to distinguish their perceptions of Americans.  Judging by the comments […]

Enjoy Rock The Vote’s Version Of Turn Out For What

Rock the Vote‘s mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country.  And to get more young people and Millennials to go vote on Tuesday November 4th, […]

An Interpretive Dance For Government and Business

Many people have seen the viral video from Marina Shifrin when she quit her job from Next Media Animation.  So far, the video has around 15 million views!  If you have not seen this […]

Sunday Discussion: Young Worker Crisis

I read this article from the Associated Press about why younger people (Millennials) are having a very hard time right now finding work.  Even the ones with college degrees are having a […]

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