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The Anniston / Oxford Area Needs A Truck Stop


Every time I am on Interstate 20, I will often see a 18-wheeler pulled off on the side of an entrance or exit ramp.  Why you ask?  Because there is a lack of truck parking in the Anniston / Oxford area.  If 18-wheelers don’t park along the Interstate, they get really lucky because they found a spot.  The Kangaroo Gas Station along AL-21 has about 15 truck spots in the back.  The Super Buffet on the other side of the Interstate has about 10 truck spots available as well.  And of course, there is Wal-Mart.  But many Wal-Marts are now banning 18-wheelers and overnight parking from their property.  That’s about it for truck parking in Oxford Alabama.  These three blue markers have the only truck parking available in the Oxford area.

From Google Maps

From Google Maps

Anniston Alabama hardly has any spots available for 18-wheeler parking as well.  And let’s be honest, most truckers will want to be right along Interstate 20.  That means the City of Oxford will need to think about allowing someone to build a truck stop.  The Gadsden Metro has a Petro Truck Stop along AL-77 that has lots of truck parking spots available.  For a metro area to attract new industry like Anniston / Oxford, the area must have a place for truckers to park and take their required rest as mandated by federal law!

Petro Truck Stop.  From Google Maps.

Petro Truck Stop. From Google Maps.

Most everything an industry needs to make things and to ship products out is done by truck.  The Anniston / Oxford area wants to make this area attractable for new industries which would mean new jobs.  But for that to happen, there has to be a place for the truck drivers to get fuel, grab a bite to eat, get a shower, mingle with the other drivers, and to rest.  The Anniston / Oxford area does not have a place like that.  That means drivers have to travel to Heflin, Lincoln or even Tallapoosa Georgia for a truck stop.  That’s too far!

The City of Oxford recently annexed new land around the Exit 191 / US 431 interchange into city limits.  The city annexed the land because they believe yet another new shopping center could be built there.  But I don’t see that happening because the area is too rural and is right next to the Talladega National Forest.  What would be perfect for the Exit 191 interchange?  A truck stop!  And it needs to happen if the Anniston / Oxford area wants to attract industry and jobs.  The only question?  Will the leaders in this area get the job done?

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