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My Review of Disney Fandom on Disney XD


For three nights this week, Disney XD was transformed into Disney Fandom.  This block was to showcase the latest things from Disney straight from Comic-Con and the D23 Expo.  Tuesday night featured the On The Red Carpet special from Comic-Con.  Yes, the hosts did a good job talking about some of the cool things coming up from Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilms.  The other special was Star Wars Tech.  It was an hour featuring the science behind the Star Wars films.  Yes, this hour made geeks and nerds drool!

On Wednesday night, Disney Fandom featured Earth’s Mightiest Show All Marvel Special, which talked about all things Marvel from the new movies, the new show coming to ABC this fall, and the new cartoons coming to Disney XD.  On Thursday night, I really enjoyed My Family Recipe Rocks Star Wars Special Edition.  Host Joey Fatone went on a guided tour of the Rancho Obi Wan Museum in California.  We also got to see Steve Sansweet and wife share recipes from the Star Wars Cookbook!  The museum was epic!

The other shows featured a special called Meet the Disney Legends which honored the many individuals whose imagination, talents and dreams have created the Disney magic.  The other special was called Once Upon a Time: For the Fans.  The show featured behind the scene looks from the ABC show Once Upon a Time and the new show Once Upon a Time In Wonderland coming this fall!  Add in three movies from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and it was a good block!

Now I have to wonder this?  Could Disney Fandom be something we can look forward too in the future?  I wonder if Disney was doing this as a test to see if Disney Fandom could bring in an audience.  Cartoon Network turns into Adult Swim at night.  And Nickelodeon turns into Nick at Nite at night as well.  Could Disney be looking to feature more adult programming on Disney XD or Disney Channel at night?  I could see Disney Fandom becoming something where you see some of the latest news coming out of Disney, Marvel, and Lucasflim.

Disney Fandom could feature reruns of shows on ABC like Once Upon A Time and the new Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. coming this fall.  The block could feature the Star Wars films, adult Disney films, action cartoons from Disney XD and Disney channel, and specials from the other Disney owned channels.  Disney Fandom could also bring back some classics to re-air again!  Disney could also develop certain shows that would only run on Disney Fandom as well that could compete with Adult Swim and Nick at Nite.  Hopefully Disney Fandom will not be something we see once a year after Comic-Con.  If Disney was smart, they should feature Disney Fandom more often!   By the way, I wish other networks would do something like this as well!

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