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Roadscapes Wednesday: AL-202 at Hunter Street Traffic Light

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On Tuesday, a truck had a hydraulic leak and leaked a lot of oil onto AL-202.  It took ALDOT a couple of hours to clean up the road.  When I got to the intersection, you could tell they used a lot of sand to clean up the roadway.  I would not want to be traveling along this road after the first rain.

road 003road 006road 014

I am doing this post to talk about another problem at the AL-202 and Hunter Street intersection, and it’s the traffic light.  The light will turn red for AL-202 traffic even if no one is at the Hunter Street intersection.  While I was at the intersection, I caught something I have never seen before.  Traffic turning left onto Hunter Street got the left turn signal.  Normally, traffic on AL-202 would get the green light after the left turn cycle is done.  But that is not the case at this light.

road 008road 011

In the video below, you will see why this light is malfunctioning.  And sadly this light has been broken for around six months now!  I really hate talking about the road infrastructure in the Anniston/Oxford area and how such bad shape it really is.  It does hurt this area with recruiting and having people visiting.  If we maintained our roads and traffic lights the right way, I would not be talking about this right now.

This is just another case of ALDOT and their practices.  This is why they don’t like Geek Alabama and Nathan Young!

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