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Roadscapes Wednesday: Downtown Gadsden Traffic Lights

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Lots of road geeks online loves to talk about the traffic lights in downtown Gadsden Alabama.  The city took a very interesting approach with the intersections along Broad St. in downtown.  They took three classic 4-way traffic lights all painted black and placed them at six downtown intersections.  Here’s the interesting part, only two of the lights are lighted in each direction.  The left traffic light facing your direction is not lighted and is blank.  There is also a three traffic light configuration in downtown Alabama City along Wall St. as well.  Here are some pictures of the intersections in Gadsden that has this three traffic light configuration.

road 2 086road 2 090road 2 096road 2 098road 2 101road 2 104road 2 112road 2 114road 2 116road 2 117

Sadly, one downtown traffic light along Broad St. does not have this three traffic light configuration.  At least it’s painted black!

road 2 120

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