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Roadscapes Wednesday: Where Did The Rules Of The Road Come From

The right of way concept is perhaps the most fundamental building block of modern traffic control. It’s hard to imagine how any of us would get from point “A” to point “B” […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: AL-202 at Hunter Street Traffic Light

On Tuesday, a truck had a hydraulic leak and leaked a lot of oil onto AL-202.  It took ALDOT a couple of hours to clean up the road.  When I got to the […]

Sunday Discussion: The Same Traffic Light Problems In Oxford

The same traffic light problems are still occurring along Leon Smith Parkway at the Oxford Exchange.  I did this post and video in March about this problem.  View it below! http://geekalabama.com/2013/03/24/sunday-discussion-traffic-light-problems-in-annistonoxford/ The traffic light […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Downtown Gadsden Traffic Lights

Lots of road geeks online loves to talk about the traffic lights in downtown Gadsden Alabama.  The city took a very interesting approach with the intersections along Broad St. in downtown.  They […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Traffic Light Goes Down

  When I got back to my apartment on Christmas night I saw the traffic light across the street at the intersection of Greenbrier Dear Rd. and Hillyer Robinson Pkwy. was out. […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Leon Smith Parkway

Leon Smith Parkway in Oxford is part of the Anniston Eastern Bypass.  And lately the parkway around I-20 and the Oxford Exchange has been seeing traffic problems.  For one, the traffic light […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Signal Problems

                 Stuff like this gets my roadgeek senses tingling.  I went back to downtown Anniston today and I still found the same problems with the traffic lights.  But […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Broke Traffic Lights

  Since this is birthday week I wanted to do two Roadscapes Wednesday’s.  This post is going to concentrate on several traffic light intersections that are malfunctioning!  Most of these intersections has a sensor […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Maintaining A Traffic Light

If you know me for any length of time you know that I am a huge road buff and I really love traffic lights.  I go as far as reporting broken traffic […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Old Traffic Lights

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday I am featuring some old 4-way traffic lights.  The Anniston/Oxford area features numerous intersections that feature the classic 4-way traffic lights from companies such as Eagle, Southern […]

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