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Roadscapes: Traffic Lights Need A Battery Backup

Whenever the power goes out, like after a storm, sometimes that might also mean the traffic lights go dark as well.  As the law, when a traffic light intersection is dark or […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Quintard Ave / AL-202 Traffic Light Still Messed Up

On this Roadscapes, it’s time for another video!  Last year, I profiled a traffic light that was malfunctioning here in Anniston.  Now we are one month into 2018, nothing has been done […]

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The City Of Anniston Is Too Lazy And Won’t Fix Traffic Light / Ped Signal Issues Along Quintard Avenue

My video about this. So, this has been an ongoing issue, and it’s just getting worse.  Years ago, Anniston spent money to Synchronize traffic lights on Quintard Avenue.  Today, intersections such as those […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: AL-202 at Hunter Street Traffic Light

On Tuesday, a truck had a hydraulic leak and leaked a lot of oil onto AL-202.  It took ALDOT a couple of hours to clean up the road.  When I got to the […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: 10th St. / 8th St. Malfunctioning Traffic Lights

This week I wanted to talk about some traffic lights along Quintard Ave. that are still malfunctioning!  The lights along Quintard at 10th St., 8th St. (AL-202), and Greenbrier Dear Rd. are […]

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The Same Traffic Light Problems In Anniston

I have done several posts highlighting some of the road problems in the Anniston area and sadly; none of them have been fixed yet.  First is the light on U.S. 431 at […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: AL Route 202

The Anniston area has two bypasses to get around all of that traffic on Quintard Ave.  The Anniston Eastern Bypass is still being built and I hope its ready in 2014.  But […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Quintard Nighttime Shots

If you have been reading Geek Alabama for a while you know I am in a very worrying mood!  You get that way when you have been unemployed for 14 months and […]

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