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Roadscapes Wednesday: Alabama State Route 275 Is Eliminated From Talladega

Another Alabama state highway in East Alabama is gone!  Alabama State Route 275 has been removed from the state route system.  ALDOT has rerouted AL-21 onto the former AL-275 Talladega bypass.  AL-77 […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Drone Video Of The New I-20/59 Birmingham Bridges

Yes, I still call it I-20/59.  ALDOT and the construction firm have completed and opened the new bridges in downtown Birmingham.  Below, you can view the new bridges from drone video before […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: ALDOT Can’t Plan Anything Right

Congrats to us taxpayers, that over $2 billion toll bridge for I-10 is dead!  But as you already know, ALDOT can’t do anything right it seems.  So the Adamsville Church of Christ […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Sign The Petition To Fire Current ALDOT Director John Cooper

The Facebook group Block the Mobile Bayway Toll has over 36,500 members as of the writing of this post.  And with more people joining everyday, the message is clear.  The majority don’t […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The Calls Are Growing For ALDOT Against Tolling The Interstate 10 Mobile River Bridge

As of this post, the folks from the corrupt ALDOT, yeah they’re corrupt, are still calling for tolling the new Interstate 10 Mobile River Bridge and rebuilt Jubilee Parkway.  And because of […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Animation Of The New Mobile River Bridge And Bayway

ALDOT released a new computer animation of what the new Mobile River Bridge And Bayway is going to look like when it’s completed.  The new bridge over the Mobile River will be […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Alabama State Route 200 Is Eliminated In Piedmont

ALDOT made some big route changes in Piedmont, Alabama.  Formerly, when you came into Piedmont on AL-21, you approached this weird intersection with AL-200.  The highway separated into separate single lane carriageways […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Sign The Southside Build The New Bridge Petition

The people living in Southside, AL have had enough.  They are getting tired of long traffic backups every morning heading north on AL-77.  The reason for the backups?  There is a one […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Why The New Baldwin County Bridge Is A Stupid And Dumb Idea

On this Roadscapes, I want to talk about a project from the Alabama Department of Transportation that seems very fishy. You see, ALDOT wants to spend up to $100 million dollars to build […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Interstate 759 Will Not Be Extended In Gadsden

The people up in Gadsden are getting tired of the heavy traffic there.  The solution was to extend I-759 through East Gadsden.  The political leaders up there keep saying they are committed […]

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