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Sunday Discussion: The Same Traffic Light Problems In Oxford

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The same traffic light problems are still occurring along Leon Smith Parkway at the Oxford Exchange.  I did this post and video in March about this problem.  View it below!


The traffic light at the Oxford Exchange / Oxford Commons intersection is working mostly properly.  The light needs to allow more time for traffic turning left into the Oxford Exchange.  Otherwise, the sensors are at least working.


But the big problem is the light at the Interstate 20 eastbound ramp, this one.


The light’s sensors are broken and will turn red even if no one is there to turn onto Leon Smith Parkway.  The left turn signal to turn onto Interstate 20 is staying green for a very long time.  And here’s the worst part, traffic going north on Leon Smith Parkway only gets around 20 seconds of green light time.  This is why so much traffic is backing up and blocking intersections.


A while back, there was a story in the Anniston Star saying these lights along Leon Smith Parkway would be re-timed.  Sadly, this is not the case!  If this light is not re-timed soon, Oxford is going to lose out on tax revenue as people quit going to the Oxford Exchange / Oxford Commons area so they don’t have to deal with the traffic.  I have talked about these lights since Summer 2012.  I would have thought these lights would be fixed by now.



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